Guru Puja

Akhan’d’a Man’d’ala’ka’ram’ Vya’ptam Yena Cara’caram,

Tatpadam’ Darshitam Yena Tasmae Shriigurave Namah.

Ajina’natimira’ndhasya Jina’na’injana Shala’kaya’,

Caks’urunmilitam Yena Tasmae Shriigurave Namah.

Gururbrahma’ Gururvis’n’u Gururdevo Maheshvarah,

Gurureva Parama Brahma Tasmae Shriigurave Namah.

Tava Dravyam’ Jagad Guro Tubhyameva Sama’rpaye.

Meaning of the Ma’n’tra:

I bow to the Divine Guru, who reveals to me
the Divine Being that encircles and permeates
the moving and the non-moving (the creation).

I bow to the Divine Guru, who, by the application of
the ointment of knowledge, opens the eyes of the
one blinded by the darkness of ignorance.

The Guru is non other than Brahma, the Creator
The Guru is none other than Vishnu, the Preserver
The Guru is none other than Shiva, the Destroyer.
The Guru is verily Brahma Himself, to that Divine Guru I bow.

Your wealth, oh Guru of the Universe, unto You only it’s offered.

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