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Gayattrii remains with us

Gayatri Ji Passes away...,
A Great, Motherly Soul...reminds me of perseverance, commitment, kind of a karma Yogii, example of her own kind, Tirelessly Self-inspired, A True Devotee of Baba deserving special treatment from Mother Nature as she now returns to His Loving Lap. Salutations to the GREAT Proutist and NeoHumanist at heart. May She continue to inspire such values from the Loving lap of Parama Purusa!

Thinking of her, October 2011, I met her at once all by surprise at New Delhi Airport. Baba's arrangement....In fact, unawaress I was rushing to the departure area and in the crowd some one waves me....who is this elderly lady...I come closer and here she was with her big smile...Namaskar !!! She says with the exact gesture. Are you an Avadhuta of Ananda Marga? I reply in affermative. She looks straight into my eyes, you must be Ac. Vimalananda, right...Yes, I confirm. Then we recounted our meetings in Singapore jagrti...Now she asks fondly of Dhanju....Is he now at Ananda Kanan working for Gurukula University...I kept listening, noding in acceptance all the while. She had full update in him. He is hard working and his efforts could make a difference. I agreed and said we are providing what ever could at this prevailing situation. Then she talks of the many books she has been working on. And of course she mentions of Dhanju Jis books... all the time smiling...She was heading to Kolkata from where she had to coordinate some works of her social service projects...paucity of time and we could not talk much. I was heading for Bangalore...she must wait for the wheelchair as I must rush to the huge security line. She OK we meet after the security. But she had a shortcut due to the wheel chair door. I got delayed and noticed from distance, she was taken to book stores after the security. By the time I cleared, she was gone to her departure gate. I had to rush to mine on the other side. Kept thinking of the inspiration she shared with me. I admire her mentally. She looked pale but never lacked the great smile on her face.....Only two days again again I got a flash of being in front of here and our conversations, repeatedly a number of times. Today I got the sad news...My Salutations to the inspiring face, the committed PROUTIST & the NEOHUMANIST at heart... Condolences to the berieved family... May Baba Grace them and keep them under His Care and attention they would need at this hour..

Sister Ambika from New York is asking from the lyrics of one of her beautiful songs:

"Oh Baba mine, you are so dear
Oh Baba mine you are so sweet
Please take me into
your loving arms
and give me all
devotion to Thee

I see You walking
in the forest
I see You sitting
in the fields
I see You smiling
with eyes half closed
That's is how
I see You"

Thanks to Didi Ananda Mamata who gave me the lyrics of the song and she shared some more stories about Gayattrii experiences with Baba. Once Baba explained the meaning of her name as Universal Mother. She had opportunity to sing in front of Baba several times and Baba appreciated very much her songs. Among the things that Didi shared is incident of Gayattrii permanence in the hospital in Germany before she left for another journey. Nurses where quite impressed by her fearlessness about death. She expressed the desire to be reborn as a woman very soon in order to continue the work to establish Prout in India.