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When the time comes ...

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It is with a heavy heart that I have to break this news to you all today. Dada Rameshanandaji (wonderful artist and originally from Philippines) has passed away late last night in Manila. He was feeling very good yesterday then suddenly last night around 2 am he felt some pain. Immediately he was taken to the hospital but suddenly on the way he passed away.

Even though Dadaji suffered much from diabetes, still he worked tirelessly to relieve the suffering of others. He is best known by his paintings of nature scenes and portraits of individuals, his smile and friendly nature but what many people don't know was the tireless effort he did to create and run his school for the poor children of Manila, Philippines.

He is a shining example of selfless service and sacrifice for all of us. Now he is on Baba's lap.

Your's In Him
A'ca'rya Premamaya'nanda Avadhuta.
SOS Manila Sector