Personal, open letter from the Sectorial Public Relations Secretary – April 16, 2010

Columbus, Ohio

April 16 – 2010

Many times I questioned myself if it is an ideological fight what is unfolding more and more in New York Sector. My answer is yes, it is an ideological fight that goes far beyond the personalities of individual margi or acarya. It is the fight between the introversial force and the extroversial force. The introversial force of sa’dhana’ and the extroversial force of nature. How this fight gets its shape, in which form it manifests has very little to do with its intrinsical nature. It is a fight that is not limited to Ananda Marga. It is the very essence of whatever we can witness in the actions and reactions of individuals, groups, societies and any social stratification. There is one force pulling towards the center and one pulling towards the periphery. Those who are drifted towards the periphery blame the center and the center spins with its own dynamism in such a way that it is difficult to recoil and come back once you start drifting.

We say “holding to the feet of Ba’ba’’ and there are two implications when we do it. First is that there is a force that pulls us away and second that our attention is not directed to the body or the face with its eternal charming liila. It is focused on the extremities that don’t move at the time we catch hold. Many more internal meanings can be found but the essence of complete surrender lies at the feet of Guru.

Our attraction towards one personality or another, due to proximity or inherent samskaras should not be compromised with our ideology.

In Him
Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt.

A’tma Moks’a’rtham Jagadhita’ya Ca…

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