Update from India: Eyewitness Account of Incident at AM Polytechnic Malur – June 13, 2010

Eyewitness account of the incident at Ananda Marga Polytechnic, Malur

Following is the most accurate information I’m aware of about our polytechnic at Malur, Karnatak. Please go through it to know the facts.

There are certain unavoidable facts behind the untoward situation of Ananda Marga Polytechnic, which should be known in order to understand the current situation.

Ac. Animeshananda Avt. was appointed in this Polytechnic as an administrator in 1998 by General Secretary, Ananda Marga Pracharaka Samgha, Central, and in 1999 he was made principal of the this college . Mr. Arun kumar Bharti, alias Devanand, came to this school and was given the position of hostel warden in 2001. Arun was appointed by Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and these two people maintained a good relationship for some time.

The polytechnic and its hostel had a good income and Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and Arun did not have an opportunity to discuss the issue of the profit with each other. It was sometime in 2007 when they met and assessed the details of the income and expenses of the college and hostel. Then they came to know that in the hostel there was profit of nearly 8 lacs (Rs. 800,000 i.e. $19,000) in that particular year, and in college there were many more lacs than in the hostel. Even this amount did not include many lacs of rupees that were given by different people to the college as donations.

The next year when there was an audit, the balance sheet was prepared and it was discovered that the hostel account balance was zero and the college account went into deficit by Rs. 500,000 ($12,000). When clarification for this was requested by a senior worker in the organization for what appeared to be malpractice and misappropriation of the funds, Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and Arun started blaming each other.
Their contradictory statements show that they were already quarreling over the money.

Again in the course of time there were behavioral and character problems between Arun and Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and to satisfy their own selfishness, they used the polytechnic children time to time by provoking students to quarrel with each other, making use of abusive and bad language, making them physically assault each other from time to time, and these things became normal behavior.

Meanwhile, Ac. Chitshivananda Avt. came into picture, where from he appeared nobody knew, but Ac. Animeshananda Avt. made him an administrator of the college. He then started working with full authority in the college and hostel. While he was checking the account of the college, even with the discovery of many false receipts, there were still 88 lacks (Rs. 8,800,000 i.e. $210,000) missing and unaccounted for. When Ac. Chitsivananda Avt. wanted to check the account of the hostel, Mr. Arun refused to allow him by saying that prior to that time nobody had asked to inspect his account and “how dare you”. Then Ac. Chitshivananda Avt. explained what his authority was in the college premises. Even then Arun did not co-operate with him.

Then Arun organized his network of students against Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and Ac. Chitsivananda Avt. in the month of October 2009 and one evening they were beaten by the students and chased out of the campus. Soon after this the Acting General Secretary, Ac. Svarupananada Avt., brought a new administrator to this polytechnic from Central Office in Ranchi. Mr. Arun, knowing, that he will not be able to mismanage the funds any more without Ac. Animeshananda Avt, patched up their differences and they agreed to work together again.

In this mean time Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and Arun acted normally with the students. Finally in May 2010, the students were happy to hear that Ac. Animeshananda Avt. was transferred. However, they again became disappointed when he refused to hand over charge to the new principal and did not allow the administrator to work freely. When students went to the local (Malur) police station with a written complaint letter to inform the police about the injustices being done to them, the Station In-charge repeatedly refused to accept their complaint letters.

In May 2010 nearly 200 students went to the Superintendent of police, Kolar, to inform him about their problems in the college. The Superintendent of police wanted some time to think it over to decide what to do. In the mean time some of the boys (students) who were staying outside the college were chased by local gundas (thugs), managed by Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and Arun, who went to their rooms and threatened them. These boys started fearing for their lives. Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and Arun and some of their supporters compelled the students to join them for a talk to know about their intensions regarding the irregularities in the college.

But these two had already managed the local rowdy elements inside the college to lock the doors and they started attacking and assaulting our students. The students started defending themselves and Suddenly, Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and Arun managed to bring the local police. When police came, they made a joint operation along with local gundas and assaulted and arrested our students without listening to anything from our side. The police were acting on the direction of Ac. Animeshananda Avt and Arun. They arrested 24 persons from our side and left some of them seriously wounded and injured, while from their side they accused none except Ac. Animeshananda Avt., and that too only after a lot of pressure from our side.

In this way Ac. Animeshananda Avt. and Arun deceived the entire organization and kept so many things in dark.

The ball is in your court. You can judge whether the police played a criminal role in the incident at the direction of Ac. Animeshananda Avt and Arun.


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