Update from India: Report on Incident at AM Polytechnic Malur – June 13, 2010

13 June 2010

Dear brothers and sisters

This is to state here that a team of the Senior W.T. Workers and Margiis made an on the scene investigation of the recent happenings at the Ananda Marga Polytechnic, Malur, Dist: Kolar, Over 50 students and 10 Academic members of the staff were interviewed by the team.

1) It is confirmed that a group of goons were engaged well in advance by Arun and Animeshananda, who made a brutal attack with lethal weapons on the peace loving students of the said Polytechnic while they were preparing for their up coming Examinations due to take place within a week.

It is to be noted that the attack was planned in advance which can be confirmed from the fact that a T.V. team appeared there within 45 minutes of the incident. It should be noted that to travel even by the fastest means it takes at least two hours to reach the Polytechnic from Bangalore city. How it was possible for the team to appear there within only 45 minutes is a matter to be taken into serious account. Mr. Arun, the hostel warden of the institute, is known for such game planning. It was he who had organized the gruesome attack on our students with the cooperation of Animeshananda and who also had also organized the T.V. Team to immediately air the news, putting the entire blame on the students and the W.T. Workers like Ac. Dharmapranananda Avadhuta, and Ac. Gopamitrananda Avadhuta. The students say that the local Police station was also manipulated by Animeshananda and Arun, with the result being that those who were arrested by the police on false and fabricated charges were brutally beaten up by the police sub-inspector of the Malur P.S. We seriously condemn their illegal, inhuman, unprovoked and cruel actions.

2) On examining the students and academic staff members of the institute, one can very easily arrive at the conclusion that the Ex-Principal, Animeshananda, in league with the hostel warden Mr. Arun, had created an atmosphere of terror among the students as well as the teaching and non-teaching staff members.

3) Some of the students, nearly 24 in number, and the Administrator of the Institute, Ac. Dharmapranananda Avadhuta were taken into judicial custody. The students had come to the Institute for coaching for their examination. These people were first attacked and beaten up mercilessly by the hired goons of Mr. Arun and then taken into police custody where they were again beaten up by the police sub-inspector Mr. Saleem Nadaf. He sided with those of his own flock, giving rise to communal sentiment.

The police knew it very well that the students were due to take their Examinations. The court considered sympathetically the cases of the students and their careers and granted bail so that they might appear at their on going examinations. But the height of cruelty was displayed once again by Animeshananda who did not allow some of the students to take their examinations for two days. However, due to intervention from the authorities of the Technical Board they were allowed on the third day, Animeshananda also threatened them with dire consequences if they did not give statements against Ac. Dharmapranananda Avadhuta.

It has been found that most of the students, boarders, academic staff members and non-teaching staff members have lost their trust and faith in Animeshananda and Mr Arun. They have long been tortured and humiliated by the duo and it is also reported that these two persons demand money from them without issuing them any receipts. Through this illegal and unethical behavior they were able to divert huge amounts of money from the school to their personal accounts.

Reportedly, a team comprising of some Margi brothers, teachers and others made an inquiry into the accounts of the Institute and they found irregularities amounting to several lacs of rupees.

One can very easily arrive at the conclusion that these two persons are involved in all sorts of financial irregularities, making money for personal benefit, creating an atmosphere of terror and humiliation and defying the orders of the Executive head of the Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (Central), Ac. Dhruvananda Avadhuta. This in itself is an act of indiscipline and a violation of the mandate of the Marga Gurudeva.

Yours brotherly,

Acharya Svarupananda Avadhuta
Central ERAWS Secretary
Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (Central)

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