Ánanda Ván´ii – Ánanda Púrnima 2024

Ánanda Ván´ii, Ánanda Púrnima 2024

Those unit beings who purify their existential “I” (Ma hat) through intuitional practice, enjoy the sweet bliss of his touch. If Mahatattva is impure, His reflection is not properly received.Thus those sadhakas whose minds are crude and inert are not able to apprehend even a iota of His sweet essence.That is why at the time of happiness their illusion-dulled mental waves seek to remain in smug oblivion, disregarding Him; and at the time of sorrow they unduly find fault with Him, failing to understand His merciful dispensation that exists behind that sorrow.

Shrii Shrii Ánandamúrti

Ananda Vanii Ananda Purnima 2024