Regarding the documents listed below for your review —

The intent of this Communications section is to dispel false information, reverse myths, disassemble “conspiracy theories”, and disarm the misguided antagonists rebelling against the authority and solidarity of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, with its central office registered in Ananda Nagar, West Bengal, India; and with its Camp location in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India; which has Acarya Citsvarupananda Avadhuta as its General Secretary; and, with the Rev. Acarya Vishvadevananda Avadhuta as Purodha Pramukha.

It is a priority for this section to provide accurate and timely information for Ananda Marga members (Ananda Margiis) and for the public. Below, you will find letters and communiques from the Sectorial Office that provide basic information intended to clarify recent events, the history and reasoning behind decisions, and other references and facts to give you a thorough education on the matters at hand.

At any time you find yourself with an unresolved question on any aspect of this matter, please contact the person or representative that referred you to this Communications section for further assistance. Or, if you wish, please contact the Communications Team at . The Communications Team, including the Sectorial Secretary and Sectorial Office Secretary, is making this work a high priority and wishes that all of your questions are answered in a timely manner. Please contact the Team if your questions are remaining unanswered.

Ba’ba’ Na’m Kevalam