Dallas Bhukti AM Property


The Ananda Marga, Inc. Jagrti property, an HOA townhouse at 2355 Trellis Place, Richardson Texas (Dallas metro area) was recently sold at the request of the Dallas Bhukti Committee and the Dallas Regional Secretary for the sole purpose of finding a replacement property with better location and other qualities.  The Sectorial Executive Committee and the Central Executive Committees of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha approved the request.

Subsequently, the property was put on the market and sold.  The sale netted $142,700 after the deduction of selling costs, and the satisfaction of two liens filed against the property.  The first lien was a claim from the Home Owners Association for unpaid HOA fees from the 1990’s, and the second lien was from unpaid property taxes from recent years.

Acarya Advayananda Avadhuta was the most recent and last resident at the property.  He closed his residency there voluntarily and willingly.  He also signed the appeal or formal request from the Bhukti calling for the transfer of the net cash from the sale for a replacement property in the Dallas Bhukti or nearby.

Below you will find the supporting document related to this issue:

1. The Resolution from the owner Ananda Marga, Inc. Board of Directors (as trustees) outlining the Dallas property situation and providing the final authority to make the sale of the property.

2. The signed request from the Ananda Marga Dallas Bhukti Committee formally requesting this action.

2. A recent bank statement showing the balance of the Dallas Bhukti Property Trust Fund balance as of 29 February 2024.

Should there be questions or concerns about this transaction, you are recommended to contact Acarya Dhruva, Corporate Secretary at

Sincerely yours,
Ac. Dhruva
Clark Forden
Corporate Secretary
for Ananda Marga, Inc. – the legal embodiment of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha in New York Sector

– – –

Supporting documents pertaining to the Sale and Transition of the Dallas Bhukti AM Property 2024