Events & Festivals Calendar

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Festival Date
New Year’s Day (International) Monday 1st January
Niilakan’t’h’a Divasa Monday 12th February
Dadhiici Divasa Monday 5th March
Vasantotsava Friday 2nd March
Navavars’a Saturday 14th April
Ánanda Pu’rnimá Monday 30th April
Shrávanii Pu’rnima Sunday 26th August
Prabha’ta Sam’giita Divasa Wednesday 14th September
Sharadotsava 15th-19th October (Monday to Friday)
Children’s Day Monday 15th October
Public Day Tuesday 16th October
Fine Arts Day Wednesday 17th October
Music Day Thursday 18th October
Vijayotsava Friday 19th October
Diipa’valii Tuesday 6th November
Bhrátrdvitiiyá Friday 9th November
Navánna Thursday 22th November