Fasting Calendar

Ananda Marga Fasting Calendar, Eastern Time Zone for North America (-5 GMT)

  • The calendar found below is hosted at Google Calendar. 
  • If you use the Google Calendar, you can incorporate the AM Fasting Calendar into your personal Google Calendar through the following link.
  • Starting and ending times are obtained from the Ananda Marga Diary (see the diary chart further down this page).
  • The actual fasting day is calculated to include most of the indicated lunar phase.
  • Calculations follow the Indian convention of starting the days at dawn rather than midnight. 

The Fasting Chart from Ananda Marga Diary


These calculations for fasting dates are based on instructions given by Guru Bábá to Ac. Jagadiishvarananda Avt. who was responsible for printing the Ananda Marga Diary. The Diary has always included the official fasting dates for Ananda Marga. Dada explained the system in 1976, reflected in the notes below…

For Ekadashi, (literally the 11th day after the new and full moons), we begin with the starting and ending times of the lunar day (source data) which are now obtained from The system is that the proper fasting day will be the solar day (from sunrise to sunrise) whose maximum time falls within the starting and ending times of the Ekadashi lunar day. The source data is based in Varanasi, India as per instruction by Guru Bábá.

For those who fast on Purnima (full moon) and Amavasya (new moon), the same process is followed.

For those who do night meditation on the new moon, those calculations are also included (1st Night).


The Ananda Marga Diary is published annually by Ananda Marga Publications (Central), with the Ananda Marga fasting dates listed for the current year only. For your convenience, those dates are listed on the dedicated Google Ananda Marga Fasting Chart, above, with adjustments specifically for the Eastern Time zone (-5 GMT) in North America. Also, we supply images of the fasting chart pages from the most current Diary here, of which the data reflects the India Time zone (+5:30 GMT). Should you find differences between the two supplied sources, it is likely due to the local time differences. If you need the fasting calculations for other time zones please make contact by email here.