2011-December AM Inc Appeal Letter to Margiis and WTs


December 21, 2011

To all Ananda Marga Margiis and Wholetimers —

Namaskar, Namaskar,

Ananda Marga, Inc, the legal form of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha in New York Sector, has discovered important files in the Corona sectorial office either missing entirely or very short in content. This letter is a request for help in bringing these files current and compliant with the laws of the land.

Specifically, in the months since the May 16 Denver District Court Judgment, we have reviewed the immigration files in the sectorial office that should contain copies of each and every visa application made over the history of AM in the US since 1969. We have determined that many files are absent or incomplete with respect to R-1 and Permanent Residence visas applications sponsored by AM, Inc. and its subsidiary affiliates in the US. Dozens of files are missing from the past five to ten years. This situation makes AM Inc. out of compliance with the rules of the US Homeland Security and the USCIS — a highly volatile situation. We need to make these files complete immediately and we urgently seek the assistance of all Margiis and Wholetimers.

— APPEAL TO ALL WTs in the USA of NY Sector who benefit, or benefited, from a US Visa –

If you applied for and/or received a visa from the US government, if you are benefiting from the sponsorship of AM Inc, or one of its subsidiary affiliates, in your visa application… Kindly send a copy of the processing paperwork for your R-1 or Permanent Residency paperwork to the Ananda Marga Corporate Secretary, 2005 Wheaton Haven Court, Silver Spring, MD 20902 USA or via PDF in an email to . If you do not have a copy of your visa paperwork, we still need to hear from you in order to navigate the way to obtain a copy with your cooperation.

Since the situation is one of compliance with federal law, and of giving respect to AMPS posting order procedures, you will need to act on this by January 10th, 2012. If Ananda Marga, Inc. does not receive a satisfactory response to this request from you, the Ananda Marga, Inc. (and AM, Inc subsidiary affiliate) sponsored visa-holder, before January 10th, 2012, AM Inc. will have no alternative but to request the USCIS to suspend the Visa.

Please help us protect the visas, the integrity of those who benefit from visas, the AMPS posting process, and Ananda Marga in the USA and in the New York Sector by forwarding this message to any WT you know who might be present in the US and benefiting from Ananda Marga visa sponsorship.

Thank-you in advance, Namaskar,

Acharya Vimalananda Avadhuta
President and Sectorial Secretary

Tattvika Dhruva, Clark Forden
Corporate Secretary

97-38 42ND AVENUE  SUITE 1F
CORONA, NEW YORK 11368-2145  USA
+1-718-898-1603  ANANDAMARGA.US  FEIN:84-0770602

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