Rev. Acarya Vishvadevananda Avadhuta

Ac. Vishvadevananda Avt. has been elected as the leading spiritual person (Purodha Pramukha) of Ananda Marga in 2008.
Since then he started worked according to his responsibility. Below will be available his original discourses. The most recent has been delivered in English at the Sweden Training Center for sannyasis of Ananda Marga.

Discourse Given on 14/08/2010 by Rev. Ac. Vishvadevananda Avt.


Baba has clarified such concepts which were not clarified or spoken by Lord Sada Shiva or Lord Krs´na. For instance, Baba´s has clarified that Lord Shiva and Lord Krs´na are also mahasambhutis . Furthermore, Sada Shiva did not say anything about Taraka Brahma, Lord Krs´na also did not say anything about Taraka Brahma. They were both the manifestations of Taraka Brahma. And Babas has clarified that the state between Saguna Brahma, qualified consciousness and NIrguna Brahma non-qualified consciousness is the state of Taraka Brahma.

When Taraka Brahma takes the help of 5 fundamentals factors and appears in the physical form that is called Mahasambhuti… this physical entity of Taraka Brahma is called Mahasambhuti. Mahasamnbhuti comes within the scope of Taraka Brahma, otherwise He is NIrguna Brahma.

So Baba clarified Taraka Brahma is the only Guru. He alone can be the Guru. Neither NIrguna Brahma nor Saguna Brahma can be called the Sadguru.

As per Ananda Sutram, ” Brahmaeva Gureva Naparah”

Brahma alone is guru, nobody else can be guru. Baba has clarified that Brahma here implies Taraka Brahma. The state between Saguna Brahma and Nirguna Brahma.

So the first Mahasambhuti was Sada Shiva who lived 7000 years ago, He is the founder or father of Tantra. Tantra that originated from the devotion to Sada Shiva became the Shaeva-Tantra. So in Shaeva Tantra further gave birth to many other branches including Rudrayamal tantra etc. All the Tantra speak about guru. So in Tantra Shastras- scriptures of Tantra ,characteristics of Guru are spelled out.

At one place, it has been said: Darsanat Sabda Sparshan krpaya shshedatek jinaye samadesh sahi deshika’

Des´ika means guru. Who is Guru? So in this sloka. Darsanat means by darshan i.e., by glimpse, sabdha i.e, by words and sparsha i.e., by touch. So one who is capble of arousing Shiva-bha’va (Brahma-bha’va) by darshan, by mere glimpse or by words and sparsha (touch) is the Guru. Ba’ba’ gave demonstrations of these qualities.

Ba’ba’ used to touch the trikuti and disciples used to go in to trance. I remember in my case when I was undergoing Avadhutika Dik´sa Baba said a sentence, one simple sentence, and vibrated all my body just by reciting that sentence, a very simple sentence. So this was the quality of Baba. Baba like Shiva and Kr´s´na, has no guru no spiritual master. By birth, he was guru, spiritual master. There are so many stories that you may be aware of concerning this.

Now the question is : Baba is not physically with us. So how after physical departure how does He guide us? Taraka Brahma is the Guru and guides us eternally. In our case, our external guru is the same as the inner guru .So Taraka Brahma is always the guru whether He is in physical form or not. When specific need arises, He appears in the physical form at one particular time. He comes to give guidance. So the external guru is the physical manifestation of the inner guru. Inner guru means un-manifested Parama Purusa,Supreme Consciousness. So guru is always there whether in physical form or not. It does not make any difference. so Baba is always here. Baba comes in the form of wisdom, sometime he appears in luminous body or any of the 5 fundamentals factors. So we should always remember what Baba once said: When I am not in physical body I am help my sadakas in everything. We should put in our mind that Baba is always present with us.He is watching everything all the time.

So my message to you is this: we must have complete faith in Baba. He will remain our Guru for ever. So in tantra , Guru is everything, Guru is lord. Guru is Brahma Himself, Guru is everything . Keeping faith and full-surrender, we should live our spiritual life in the service of the creation.


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