Welcome to the official site of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha in New York Sector. The Sector extends from Alaska to the whole of Central America, and it includes the Caribbean Islands and the Hawaiian Islands. It is one of nine Ananda Marga sectors on the planet.

Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (AMPS) is a Non-Profit Spiritual Organization dedicated to the motto “Self-realization and Service to Humanity”. We promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing by meditation, yoga, sentient vegetarian diet and other aspects of yogic lifestyle.

Following is a quote from the founder of Ananda Marga – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti – which illustrates one of the key ideas of Ananda Marga átmamoksárthaḿ jagathitáya ca – “self-realisation and service to humanity.”

“Those who think that they can concern themselves with parávidyá (spiritual knowledge) only, and finally, through its help, arrive at self-knowledge, are mistaken. Because while working exclusively for self-realisation – átmamoksártham – the worms of selfishness will burrow deep into the human mind and finally sap all the sweeter and finer human sensibilities, all the generous expansiveness of the human mind, and fling the person into a quagmire of remorse. So the endeavour to attain spiritual realization exclusively cannot be considered an ideal way of life.”

“Again, if someone works exclusively for the welfare of the world – jagathitá ya – one should realize that to render selfless service, an absolutely pure mind is required, with the expansiveness of the vast ocean and the serenity of the blue sky. Otherwise, while promoting the welfare of the world, one may develop a selfish desire in one’s mind in a weak moment, as a result of which one may bring harm to oneself as well as the universe. So those who do not aim at self-realization cannot promote the welfare of the world either.”

That is why Shiva propounded átmamoksárthaḿ jagathitáya ca – “self-realization and service to humanity.”

(Namah Shiváya Shántáya, pp. 145)

New York Sector has three official languages: English, Spanish and French besides several different other languages that are spoken in certain areas by the indigenous people. The social and economic situation varies from place to place giving a great opportunity for all to do maximum service in this part of the hemisphere. Ananda Marga is engaged in social service projects that range from schools to medical centers, from food distribution to meditation and yoga classes for the benefit of all people without distinction of nationality, race, creed or gender. The universality of Ananda Marga is one of the characteristics which inspire people from all walks of life to do more and more for the welfare of all.

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