2011-05-16 – Complete TRIAL Transcripts and Final Court Ruling – one file for each of the six court days, plus more

Please see the transcripts below covering the court proceedings from the Denver Court trial. These are official transcriptions completed by professional court-appointed court reporters who are working from the audio recordings of the trial.

There is a file for each day of the trial. Monday May 9, Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11, Thursday 12, Friday 13, and the morning of Monday 16.

Please note that all of the files have been reviewed. The only day that appears to have been cleared of all errors is Monday May 16. The first five transcripts appear, after careful review from a number of dependable folks, they appear to have no substantial or earth-shaking errors in them. But, we continue this review process. If large, case-changing errors are unearthed, the only way to change them is for one of the parties in the case to make a motion in the Court challenging them.

Never-the-less, we are going to add one more file to the list of transcripts — an Errata file. This will be an informational file to educate the errors that have been noted or that are suspected. Please note, we don’t have access to the original audio files so we cannot compare right now, what was said to what has been recorded. So, if there is an error, we can speculate as to what was said and as what was meant to be said. Most of the noted errors so far are incorrect Spiritual names, such as Daneshananda instead of Devashraddhananda.

Should you find that you wish to suggest a noted error, please send your errata notes by email to . We will compare your notes to what has been located so far. Eventually, we will publish the informal Errata file so all can see what has been discovered (and “corrected” for the benefit of future readers). Rest assured, the transcripts as presented here are those that have been provided by the Court, unaltered.

Regarding the Exhibits placed into evidence… we anticipate posting a number of them here later for your education. Should you urgently want to see one in the meantime, we will consider case-by-case requests at . Fortunately, for the most part, the exhibits placed into evidence are described in the transcript sufficiently to give them meaning and significance.

Warm regards, and we wish you an enlightened reading and best resolutions,
AMPS NYS Legal Team

P.S. If you provide info on observed errors, please note: incorrect text, corrected text, line number, page number, and day info together. Thank-you

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2011-05-09 Monday Transcript at Denver District Court.pdf 472.74 KB
2011-05-10 Tuesday Transcript at Denver District Court.pdf 470.27 KB
2011-05-11 Wednesday Transcript at Denver District Court.pdf 410.75 KB
2011-05-12 Thursday Transcript at Denver District Court.pdf 431.68 KB
2011-05-13 Friday Transcript at Denver District Court.pdf 317.93 KB
2011-05-16 Monday Morning Final Ruling Transcript at Denver District Court.pdf 142.61 KB
2011-05-27 Ananda Marga Order of Judgment.pdf