Appeal Letter, in Support of the Legal Defense of the Reconstituted AM Inc. Board – March 31, 2010

Appeal Letter, in Support of the Legal Defense of the Reconstituted AM Inc. Board, Defendants in Denver County Court Case

Editor’s Note: Following the formation of the new, reconstituted Board of Directors of Ananda Marga, Inc., the former board members filed a suit against the new board in Denver County Court, Colorado. In order to raise support and finances for the reconstituted Board and its legal defense, the following appeal letter was written and issued to the Margiis of New York Sector. The link to the on-line PayPal donation page is


Date: March 31, 2010


You must be aware of the challenges and the testing time we have been going through to uphold the legacy of our beloved BABA’s system in New York Sector. The former Board of Directors have filed a lawsuit against us and we have to defend it by hiring best possible law services in the country.

We can do this collectively only, and hence would much count on any help you can offer to defend the cause and maintain the integrity of the whole organization. There are urgent needs of some funds for Legal expenses. We are approaching you in high hopes and appreciate your support in advance. As we are in the process of compiling the defense response and hiring an attorney to represent us in the court, there are some immediate needs.

After careful analysis of the impending financial needs and potential contributors from both Worker’s and Margii’s side, we have in front of us a huge sum target for fund raising in next few months for legal purposes.

Based on those calculations we request generous contribution from you. Figure would definitely vary from person to person. Anything above 2K would be highly appreciated.

There are options like a onetime contribution or divide the target amount into monthly/biweekly contributions for the next 4 months. Please let us know what would be convenient to you.

We would like you to consider the following for this fund raising:

1. The collected fund would be used for the Legal Case at hand only
2. Full transparency of the fund would be maintained and we would be able to send you details of how funds are used at any point of time,
3. Unspent money would be returned back to contributors in the same proportion as contributed.

Method of Payments;

a. Checks Payable to “Ananda Marga”. Please do mention the purpose as “for Legal Defense Fund” and send checks to address mentioned below.
b. Using PayPal –

We would appreciate if you could confirm the Pledge Amount, frequency and mode of contribution conveniently, any time soon.

In Him,

Ac. Divyalokeshananda Avt.
Sectorial Financial Secretary
AMPS New York Sector
5799 Brinkwater Blvd.
Hilliard, OH 43026