Bath Mantra

The Bath Mantra

Pitr Purushe Bhyo Namah,
Rsi Deve Bhyo Namah,
Brahma Arpanam Brahma Havir,
Brahmanao Brahmana’hutam,
Brahmaeva Tena Gantavyam
Brahma Karma Sama’dhina’.

Meaning of the mantra

Salutations to the ancestors, salutations to the god-like rs’is. (Those who, by inventing new things, have broadened the path of progress of human society, are known as rs’is.)
The act of offering is Brahma; that which is offered is Brahma; the One to whom the offering is made is Brahma; and the person making the offering is Brahma.
One will merge in Brahma after completing the duty assigned to him/her by Brahma.

Repeat the mantra together with the mudra’ three times.
Remembering the rs’is and ancestors in this way is known as Pitr Yajina. Pitr Yajina should be performed as a daily duty even if one’s father is alive.
The mudra’ should be performed according to the illustrations. (Ask DADA or Maungala)
One must recite each portion of the mantra as shown by the illustrations. The arrows indicate the intended direction of movement of the hands to reach the next position. Remember that this is to be done at the end of the bath.
Sick persons who are sensitive to cold should take their bath in warm water and in an enclosed and covered place. Sun-warmed water is also good.
* In extremely cold climatic conditions warm water should be used.
* If you are not taking a dip bath you should bathe in a sitting position; it is desirable not to bathe standing.
* The water temperature should always be less than body temperature.
Bathing at midnight is prohibited. One must not take a bath in the midnight sandhya’.
Everyone must bathe in any one of the other three sandhya’s. Taking into consideration one’s health and the climatic conditions, one may also bathe in one or both of the remaining two sandhya’s.
The four sandhya’s:
(1) The period from forty-five minutes before to forty-five minutes after sunrise is called ‘dawn’, and dawn is the first sandhya’.
(2) The period from 9 A.M. to 12 noon is called the noon sandhya’.
(3) The period from forty-five minutes before to forty-five minutes after sunset is called the evening sandhya’.
(4) The period from forty-five minutes before to forty-five minutes after 12 midnight is called the midnight sandhya’ (11:15 P.M. to 12:45 A.M.).

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