DMS in Ananda Nagar, January 1st 2009


My heartiest NEW YEAR wishes to you all for this year 2009 and by BABA’s grace let there be peace within and prosperity in everybody’s life.

I wish to reflect the major highlights of Dharma Maha Sammelan on the New Year’s Eve of 1st January, 2009.

It was beyond belief that several thousands of BABA’s Devotees came to attend DMS, who had inundated the DMS Dias overflowing and looking very multihued.

The devotees started the day swarming in Marga Guru’s Quarters to offer flowers to Beloved BA’BA’ with all their families to perform meditation & Guru Puja.

The most impressive assembly of the New Year was reading out “Ananda Vanii” where thousands collectively completed collective meditation in the morning and read out Vanii from almost 100 countries which was thrilling to see such a spiritual wave floating from different languages of the Globe.

Margiis were very busy in buying AM Publication, Microvita medicines, Prabhata Samgiita CD’s, PROUT magazines etc.

SDM Department had many new things to present in this DMS for margiis & acaryas to buy Pratika, Kiirtan CD’s and other related materials.

PROUT Department shared many materials to encourage the celebration, of “Golden Jubilee Year of PROUT”.

Many devotees were gathering to solemnize the 22 revolutionary marriages which were organized by Society Building Committee.

Kiirtan was in full swing going on for 72 hours with Special acoustic wave of bliss by chanting BABA NAM KEVALAM.

On the occasion of New Year’s Day, there were many Relief Activities like distribution of blankets, water supply, medical care etc., which benefitted thousands villagers. This was organized by Global Secretary of AMURT/EL Ac Ramananda Avt. Several Dignitaries like local MLA’s, Representatives from different parts of the Globe were present.

Rev. Ac Vishvadevananda Avt delivered his New Year message and Greeted all margii brothers & sisters, children and Wt’s.

The topic was “Abhidhyana” which Rev Dada spoke in detail about “Pranidhana, Anudhyana and Tattvabhavat”.

Several Regional meetings were held with margiis and workers representing different parts of the world.

There was delicious cuisine served to all devotees in Central Ananda Marga Jagriti, Ananda Nagar by Sectorial Secretary of Delhi Sector.

AMURT/AMURTEL & Gurukula meetings were held at PP Quarters, Ananda Nagar.

A very special meeting for the general body of Avadhutas also was held where our Rev Ac Vishvadevananda Avt addressed and gave a brief history of Avadhuta/ika cult coming from the time of Lord SadaShiva 7000 yers ago.

There was a RAWA Cultural Evening led by Mrinlal Pathak from Ranchi. The most impressive Cultural item was a Dance created on “Ananda Sutram” performed by Artist Jaya from Ranchi.

Report of General Finance Secretary and General Secretary were read out as usual after the RAWA prize distribution to the best artist.

When Rev Ac Vishvadevananda Avt came to DMS Dias, 22 couples from all over Delhi sector who conducted Revolutionary marriages, were ready for receiving blessings from Rev Dada.

There were competitions held between the regions of Delhi Sector and Overseas Sector for the most appreciable work done report for six months. The prizes were awarded by Rev Ac Vishvadevananda Avt to the winners.

The prizes were also given to best Pracaraka, best Local Full Timers, best Bhukti Pradhan (District Secretary), winners of Tandava and kaoshikii competitions.

Dharma Maha Sammelan Holy address was given by Rev. Ac Vishvadevananda Avt which inspired all devotees and workers to spread BABA’s Ideology in their respective fields.

BABA’s Varabhaya Mudra was shown which was powerfully vibrating which made the devotees of BA’BA’ to get absorbed in trance.

BABA’s Great Devotees were very much delighted to watch BABA’s Video film which was shown at the threshold of Dharma Maha Sammelan.

In Him
A’carya Nigamananda Avadhu’ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)
A’nanda Ma’rga Praca’raka Sam’gha
Camp- Ranchi