DMS in Ananda Nagar – New Year DMS 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Namaskar!

Hope all of you are in jubilation being in Anandanagar for the full glory of your existence by Baba’s Grace and with full of aspiration to be here to celebrate New Year DMS 2011.

Akhanda Kiirtan has usual started with enthusiasm and elation that filled the air gathering with smile & sweet feeling of being at Anandanagar with all margiis and acaryas from all over the globe in Kiirtan Mantap for participating in the commencement of 72 hours Akhanda Kiirtan.

After, the Delhi Sector RDS reporting concluded from 26, 27 and 28 December. On evening of 28 December, there was a preparatory meeting to make this New Years Dharma Maha Sammelan successful.

Our Acting GS Dada Ac Svarupananda Avt chaired this meeting and our SS Dada Ac Amaleshananda welcomed everybody and requested to create maximum Wt workers and also to follow up all margii brothers and sisters during this DMS to take up their organizational duties to help build our Delhi sector in a better and better way as per direction of Beloved Baba.

Later SDM Departmental Secretary General spoke and inspired to see that 72 hours of Akhanda Kiirtan will be dutifully attended by their respective units and regional margiis as per Hari Mandal goshti schedule.

Later on behalf of SG PU, Ac Siddhayogananda Avt spoke few lines to keep aware of margii students, intellectuals and others who are coming to this DMS are utilized well for proper planning and creation of optees to build PROUT in their relevant units.
Then came our SG Seva Dal who briefed about the security reasons and to carry gate pass all round the clock and help them maintain security and order to prevent unnecessary troubles on this occasion of DMS.

Later he said that, when Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt time of Pravachan all Dadas and Didis will sit only in their respective zones during Pravachan.
Later our Central DPS Dada gave instruction of making this successful DMS, where by thousands and thousands of Baba’s devotees will be here in large numbers. So, we must remind margiis to review the fees of all our AMPS units and create new ones if possible.
He spoke that there will be publication opened with few new books to buy, so that BABA’s ideas will be all round the world if margiis are inspired to buy them. So workers have to inform margiis to buy books to propagate in their relevant units.
Likewise our General Finance Secretary Ac Nigamananda Avt spoke about legal briefing of how DMS Permission was granted and role of police in assisting to make our DMS go smoothly.

Dada also spoke about Public relation stall, where Ba’ba’s Pratikritii as well as memoir of Ananda Marga is available with all relevant information mentioned for better understanding of our Mission. There is also portraying of photos and related materials of RAWA exhibition in and around the world.

Central AMURT Secretary Ac Ramananda Avt briefed to workers about buying the Souvenir as well as AMURT DVD presentable all over the world what and where Relief work is being done on all round the clock.

As usual there is a Calendar of AMURT for pracar with full addresses of all sectors. There will be distribution of relief goods and medical camps on 1st January to nearby villages of Anandanagar.

In this way, during the preparatory meeting, the seminar dates of First Phase Diocese level seminars were declared by Delhi Sector SES Ac Madhuvratananda Avt.
Finally Respected Acting GS Dada Ac Svarupananda Avt inspired and gave few examples of how to plan to get maximum output in DMS.

On the day of 30 December morning the sun was shimmering with crimson dawn. The DMS pandal had a greater look of different mutli color dressed beautiful worn costumes by thousand and thousand margiis from all over the nine sector leaving inside the pandal to witness the DMS.

Devotees of Beloved Baba are swarming entirely to cover the whole Pandal without living an inch space.
The day started with Gurusakasha and Paincajanya with Prabhata Pheri(Nagar Kiirtan) in and around main streets of Anandanagar.
There was another highlight at Anandanagar where by devotees were crowding Baba’s Quarter for doing meditation and taking his blessings there.
After Collective meditation in the Main Pandal, there was a time after breakfast that there was meeting of Central workers from different Branches and Sectorial secretaries to report from all over the globe.

The Pandal was decorated with fragrance of flowers to contribute to the beauty for pleasing our Beloved BABA’s Pratikrti and the devotees who have assembled from all over the globe to have a soothing touch of aesthetic environment.
Initially there was a Kaoshikii and Tandava done and PS song sung to set the expansion of mind before the morning session and here is the English rendering of this PS sung.

PS Number – 589
Oh Lord by grace, you come to my home,
I have decorated the later for you
I have threaded the garland with sweet malati flowers and kept with
the ghee lamp on its base.

With the heart smeared with mental sandal
and filled with the honey from colored flowers.
I am sitting with attentive ears to listen
to your footsteps sound

Oscillated with restless wind,
the mind is agitated
and is out of control
it is vibrated with your ideation
You stay in my home nicely

PS Number – 590
O lord you do not come and go any time
you have been in the past
you are present now
and you will ever remain
within your mind,
the seven worlds (physical, crude mental, subtle mental , supra
mental, subliminal, tapah and satya)
are held as flow of your game.
Those existing crores of years ago,
are present even today
within your infinitude
and they have remained
those who will come after crores of years,
will also not be annihilated
keeping all along you continue smiling that is why
I kiss your feet.

Those who are crores of light years away
they are also never lost they exist within your mind
Dancing to your tunes and rhythms
as you have kept them bound
by attraction or love
That is why I bow before thy feet.

Today’s topic on 30 December by our Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt was about “Devotee and His Lord”. When Rev Dadaji came to the podium our Deputy Commander at Anandanagar garlanded Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt.
The Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt started his talk – I told that when Lord Sadashiva took His advent has Mahasambhuti, at that time the high profile people, the dignitaries, they never supported Lord Shiva, and they used to ridicule Sadashiva saying he is a drunkard this and that.
Lord Shiva’s father in law was Prajapati Daksa; he invited the rishis, the sages and high profile people but he did not invite Lord Shiva.
So who were with Lord Shiva, they were very common people, devotees they were following, those who were following.
Similarly when Lord krsna came, we see them has kings, rulers, they were too much opposing, they were arch enemies of Lord Krsna.
And who were with Lord Krsna? They were simple, simple hearted Gopa’s and Gopi’s of Vraja Vrndavanam.
In the same way, BABA when 3rd Mahasambhuti came on this earth. The high profile people they always opposed Him and we very simple persons, devotees have been with Him, we are with Him and we will remain with Him. Baba said about the relation between a devotee and the God, BABA gave a specific explanation that when you do Dhyana lesson, BABA also does your dhyana.
You are my mini-BABA. When you sing “Baba Nam Kevalam”, i will also sing “BABA Nam Kevalam”.

There had been a long bearing in the society that those who are sinners, they cannot reach the door of God because to reach God one needs pure mind. Baba rejects this confession. Ba’ba’ says this is fallacious, this is wrong confession. I cannot tolerate this. His love and affection, His Grace is showering for each and everyone and
Baba said repeatedly in the discourses, Lord Krsna’s saying that what to talk of sinners, the sinners of sinners the great sinners can reach, can attain God.

Krs´n´a said:Api cet sudura´ca´rii bhajate ma´mananyabha´k
Sa´pi pa´pavinirnukto mucyate bhava bandhana´t.

If he had devotion, ardent devotion, love and respect, reverence to God. Baba gave one example – suppose some children are playing in a field, and in the nearby there is one drain, dirty drain, a child happens to fall in that dirty drain, others may laugh at him, if his father comes, he lifts him and cleans him with water and wears him new
clothes and gives him a mild scold, scolding later my darling you should play carefully. Don’t be rashness while playing.
So Baba says that Parama Purusa is your father and you are my sons and daughters.
So whosoever he whether he is sinner or not, whosoever goes in His shelter, he cleans, this is what Baba did in PC, personal contact.
This is a story of one lady in the nearby village of Anandanagar came to give the cooked rice. She cooked the rice of the coarse grain and came to feed Baba.
But she was afraid of that, it was possible, it was not possible.
So Baba came into her dream and Baba corrected her, you cooked the rice yourself and bring me in such and such place and such and such time. Believing on the dream, the next day she cooked the rice indigenously, keeping that cooked rice in the earthern pot covering with her sari and went to where Baba was staying. She was standing silently. so when Baba sat for eating for lunch, Baba asked to give the rice of the coarse grain which is old indigenously. So he was perturbed then Baba helped him to go & bring from the lady outside. He went out and Baba told her name. He comes out and asked that lady,
have you brought rice, she said, Yes.
He took the rice from her, she burst into tears. Her joy burst into tears. This shows that Baba is true God, Lord of the devotees.

Once Baba was staying in Chennai and giving PC to the followers. A learned advocate goes to Baba in the room for PC, This learned advocate doesn’t believe in the Omniscience of Baba. But Baba knows everything.
He goes to test Baba, whether Baba knows his language his mother tongue, Tamil. So he starts to talk in Tamil with Baba. But spoke to him throughout the Pc in English.
Baba never spoke a single of word of Tamil.
After he finishes his PC and comes out, he thought that Baba is not all knowing.
But people all say that Baba is god; Baba knows everything.
Just after that a simple farmer of a village a small village, goes to Baba for PC and when he talks to Baba, Baba also talks to him in his mother tongue Tamil. The standard of tamil language in which Baba was talking to him which was the same dialect. He was sentimentalized and believed that Baba knows everything and Baba is God and told so many
things to him. Many secret things were told to that simple man. But Baba did not tell anything to that advocate.
When this villager comes out, the learned advocate comes to him that Baba speaks English; He doesn’t know Tamil. Then how do you understand. The villager said, no no, no! Baba talked to me in my own language and Baba told to me many secret things. Baba is God.
Certainly Baba knows everything. So see that learned advocate, he couldn’t understand Baba; but a simple hearted devotee a villager; he could get into the lap of Baba.
Similarly there was one more incident was told which helps to prove that there is a different set of rule for devotees and His Lord forever.

There was avartha kiirtan after morning holy address. In the afternoon there was a meeting of the general body of Purodhas, Acaryas and Tattvikas.

Immediately during evening session there was collective Sádhana and colorful Cultural program from Ananda Marga children Home – Uma Nivas.
While in this cultural program, there was an inauguration session of this movie “Sambhavi Yuge Yuge” based on Ideals of Ananda Marga Philosophy given by Preceptor Shrii Shrii Anandamurti which was shown and was requested to use this has a pracar material by all margiis in their respective units. This program lasted for 50 minutes.

To begin with there was a Kaoshikii and Tandava done and Prabhata Samgiita song sung and the English, Hindi and Bangla rendering is read of this Prabhata Samgiita. For your knowledge the English rendering is mentioned below-

591 Song Number
Oh lord what sort of affectionate smile, and intoxication in your eyes?
What an enchanting illusive flute and sweetness in thought
after immersing and bathing in the effulgent ring around your feet my
restless heart gets saturated
I go on floating attuned to your rhythm, unmindfully
Your flower pollen sings smeared in fragrance and floats into far
remote places.
Illuminating the dark night the luminous stars are engrossed in vibration.

592 Song Number
Oh, the controller of light you have come with the new message
you have loved all with heart full affection
White or black,
Learned and ignorant,
there is need for all

You have thought of all
and kept looking at them showing path in the dark nights,
walking through the rainy path,
singing sweet smeared song,
You fill the heart with nectar.

Evening Holy address of Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt was about “HOW RARE
I was telling how important how rare is this human life. Beloved Baba while in His field walk, gave demonstration, and Baba asked our late Respected Acarya Dasharathji. You see any bodiless soul in space. In those days, Baba gave Dasharath Dada much power, spiritual power, Dasharath Dada used to see the mental waves, on anybody of his own in
those days, so Baba asked Dasharath Dada immediately replied, yes Baba I see. Then Baba asked then you see the glimpse into his previous life, has to what he was in the previous life.
Dasharath Dada told, he was a trader at Kiul, Kiul is a place in Bihar near Jamalpur, he was a trader. Dasharath dada told his name also, he is a trader, yes yes you are right. Then Baba asked Dasharathji, now you glimpse, now pierce into his next life, which life this bodiless soul is going to attain. This is going to attain a life of a black dog. Then Baba listening this said, chi chi chi chi.
Then how valuable life this human life is, but this man, this respectable wealthy born in a good body attain the human life, he could not use this human life and wasted his life and how sorrowful, how sad it is, that he is going to attain, that he in now in the life of a dog, his life was he was a trader to earn money, money, money.
Out of his greed for wealth, but for those for whom he earned this money, he did so sin; exploited the people, could he use, could you
enjoy this money, for those who did this money remember him; this is very sorrowful picture Dasharath. Then Baba said, if suppose by the will and wish of the Parama Purusa, this dog, this black dog takes birth or he is born in that Kiul itself and by the will of Parama Purusa; he retains the memory of his previous life, then what will
happen, then Baba said that when he feels, a dog will feel hungry, he will go to the same house; thinking that it this is my house, I earned the money and my people are enjoying, the offspring is enjoying this money. So he freely go enter into the room, house. So what will happen, his sons and daughters, daughter in law what will they say?
They will say dog, dog dog, and beat the dog with a stick and the dog will run away. Baba sais that exactly at the same time if Parama Purusa give him power of contemplation the power of thinking then what will be that, what that dog will think? The dog will think that see for those whom I earned this money and they are enjoying this money and I did; I exploited; I did so much sin; I exploited so many people; they are beating me and for an account of which I had to attend this dog’s life, they did this. So Baba said, that Dashrath what is the use of this; such type of wealth and what is the use of this life; this is pity pitiable. Baba went on saying that this human
life is attained by lot of penance and by the Grace of Parama Purusa.
This is the highest achievement but human beings out of ignorance and out of their bad deeds they go into the lower life and remain in those lives thousands and thousands of years in order to get again back like the life of a human being.
For how many lives of animal lives; that man has to undergo and attain this mere life again after passing so many lower lives. So, Baba gave, you see who has given these, Baba will give you these demonstration; this by His power. Which we are coming to know this and saying that while we’re doing Svadhaya, in pictures, Upanishads, Shastras and
Baba gave this demonstration practically, how the valuable this human life is. In this way, Baba blessed the people of this earth by giving number of such demonstration.
Our previous President late Respected Dada Raghunathji used to tell us one incident about the demonstration in which he was himself present. Baba in His room, in Jagriti, at our Jagriti many margiis were sitting and Baba delivered a talk, and then Baba asked a boy to come near and then Baba asked Ac Dasharathji, Dashrath see the color
of vrtti pitha and tell me the color of this breathing of this boy.
Dasharath Dada told Baba his breathing color is black. Baba said yes, it is right.
Then Baba touched that boy, he patted the cheeks, head with his hands and then Baba again asked Dashrathji, now you see his vrtii pitha and tell me the color. Dasharath told Baba now his vrtti color is in white.
Yes by Guru’s Grace; by Guru’s Darshan it is quite possible. Baba is pointing towards that boy and said your younger do Sádhana sincerely; do your spiritual practice sincerely and be aware of golden opportunity of this human life.
Baba told that this human life is gotten after lot of penance by the grace of Parama Purusa, this is the highest achievement, this should not go waste and it should be utilized in a proper way and Baba said always remember Parama Purusa and fix your goal of life, summum bonum of your life on PP because PP is your summom bonum of your life, don’t dither from that, doing all the worldly duties and responsibilities surrender all the psychic and physical actions on to His feet, lotus feet. This is the proper way of leading a human life. Baba gave so many Songs also in this respect.
In the scripture it is mentioned,


How rear is this human life, it should not go astray, go on doing your spiritual practice, since your teenage life.

After this wonderful evening of Spiritual bliss, margiis did their avartha kiirtan keeping their mind at Sahasrara Cakra.
Later most of the margiis and acaryas were flowing towards Kiirtan mantap for night kiirtan and meditation.
The Print Media has full coverage of this in front pages of main Newspapers. Please go through the attachments.

The day 2 of Dharma Mahasammelan at Anandanagar on the occasion of New
Year’s Day was in reality breathtaking because it broke the record
with previous number of gathering – Margiis and Acaryas from all over
the globe came to bid goodbye for 2010, has it was last day of 31st
The Day began as usual with daily routine. As for Organizational
works, there was a meeting of Departmental and Preparatory meeting of
ACB’s/BP’s (at Central Jagriti) from 09:00 am to 11:45 am. There was
Upa Bhukti Pramukha meeting at Pandal from 10 am till 12 noon
In this meeting there were resolutions read from different Regions
from different departments of Delhi Sector.
The Holy address of Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt was as below which
was rendered in English. There are many incidents well narrated and
explained and made clear for devotees to understand Baba’s Discourses
by Rev Dadaji.
Prior to begin the morning topic, there was Kaoshikii and Tandava
dance and later Prabhata Samgiita was sung by Didi Avkt Ananda
Gayatrii Ac and the English rendering of this songs are given below:
Prabhata Samgiita no – 595
oh lord you had come with soft footstep in sweet dream into my mind.
You may into my new floral home filling my eyes.
That time flowers were pouring nectar from pollen,
birds were singing melodious songs.
Those separated from their lover
had gone out of way rushing dancing towards you.
You came into my mind.
With sandal breeze, sweet memory
Glittering directions
With enchanting coloration with bypassing and eliminating the
sleepiness, with the rhythm of jingling ankle bell, into my garden
And resonating with the sound of the cuckoo
Prabhata Samgiita no – 596
Oh most beloved Lord, with sweet face and silent feet come into my mental garden
in the blossomed home, with smiling heart,
I shall sing my song for you in melody and rhythm.
For you I am surviving with hope for ages.
Expecting you with heart churned to the core,
I have kept the nectar pot filled.
With pleasing lips, drink that Nectar from that decent vessel,
like a bumble bee on flower. The hot sand of the sandstorm may not dry
the liveliness of intense flavor.
The roar of thunder and angry storm may not burn the fresh greenness.
On the nimble date with sleepless night, I have kept the flame of lamp
burning to remove the darkness.
Rev Dadaji started with “I said the misconception of today in all the
religious text there are women are not authorized for spiritual
practice, they are not authorized to attain liberation and indigenous
in one religion in which has no concept of rebirth, it is said, it is
stipulated that women have to wait till the final day of Qayamat or
annihilation comes.
So Baba said these are all indiscriminate, illogical, irrational arguments.
Baba tells division that those who are vested interest, those
religious elements of vested interest they preach such for vested
interest and comfort.
They impose such inferior complex, inferiority complex in the minds of women.
I told how Baba gives scientific reasons, logical reason has sister,
and women are good as males, gents.
That they are kosas, layers of mind. The Annamaya kosa is this body,
physcial boy, and upper portion, Kamamaya kosa, Manomaya kosa upto to
Hiranamaya kosa, except all kosas there is no gender difference at the
level of this kosas.
There is only the gender difference at Annamaya kosa, the physical body.
So far the spiritual elevation, one has to go upto Hiranamaya kosa and
beyond that Atman, Satya loka where there is no difference, and so the
eight limbs of Yoga Sádhana is equally good and efficient for both and
when you do Guru Puja, the practice of Pratyahara through
Varnaghyadhana, Baba says can only gents do, can do it, can women not
do it, they can also do, they do it.
Scientifically Baba gives this reason.
Now another in the possessive sense, Baba gives another reason,
stating with examples.
So I was telling a story that if those entities which do not possess
human body, even if they can get liberation by the Grace of Parama
Purusa. Once when Baba was in primary school student, so Baba along
with his companions used to go to school through a shortcut way
passing through a lane, a very narrow street. A time came, when One
cow used to stay stand transversally across the lane blocking the way.
When these boys,
were passing by while going to school, everyday.
Somehow these boys managed to pass by this lane to school. So these
boys used to say oh, cow mother leave us the way to pass through.
And they used to love this cow. So one day the cow stood in such a
way across a lane, she did not let them go, letting them to pass
through. But the boys are trying hard, in the meantime Baba said, Ok,
my friends, my companions, now you see and wait, now wait and see.
Baba comes and touches the trikuti of the cow, and that cow starts
trembling and falls down or sits down.
Because the kundalinii of that cow was raised by the touch of Baba, so
she started trembling and fell down.
The boy ran away to their houses. When the organization came into
being, one sadhaka asked Baba, Baba we have heard such and such, Baba
said yes this is true. The cow was waiting for My touch.
Baba in the same way did the same thing touching another cow during
His service period in Jamalpur in Railway workshop. There was
scorching heat in summer season, Baba was coming from office going to
the house after the officer hours. Baba saw, it was scorching heat
there was no water anywhere.
so Baba saw one cow licking water drop by drop from a pipe, Baba felt
very pity and Baba touched the upper portion of the body from the
front portion to the back and that cow also started trembling and that
cow was patted everyday when Baba was going from His house to the
Office, the cow reached in front of Baba’s house, so for many days the
cow remained but after few days the cow was not seen and left the
Baba told that all the vertebrates, they have the kundalinii and these
kundalinii can be aroused. In 1956 or 1957 there was a historical DMC
in a very famous village of Bihar named has Adra.
This was celebrated with very pomp and show. Baba was warm welcome;
Baba went to that village riding on an elephant.
There were many elephants more than one one elephant was the young
elephant very young, so what the margiis did, they loaded the elephant
too much load on the back, so when that elephant child started rising
trying to rise she couldn’t, so when the people unloaded some
materials then that elephant could get up. There was one big elephant
sitting and margiis were riding on its back.
After that when the elephant gave jerk of the pendulum to and fro and
got up, one sadhaka fell down with a thud.
After the completion of that DMC, some context was going on and in
that very context Baba said that lord GAUTAM BUDDHA did four mistakes
which lead to the downward of baudh religion. His first mistake was
that he did not give the proper description of AHIMSA. The second one
was that he made the Buddha religion as the religion of kings and
monarchs instead of a generalized religion.
The third one was that he did not give equal rights to the women in
comparison to the rights given to the male section of the society. The
fourth and the last one was that he did not give the clear conception
of god and also of SADHANA PADDHATI, the system of spiritual practice.
Gautam Buddha ignored the women and hence sannyasi or the MATHADHISH
were debarred from marrying, but in due course of time women got entry
in monasteries in an unnatural way by becoming slaves of the priests
of baudha dharma. As a result of this the MATTHAS instead of a place
of dharma or religion turned out into a lurking place for addicts and
hence bauddha dharma got destroyed. Thus BABA said that in ANANDA
Marga we have give equal opportunities to both the counterparts of the
society. We have made male sannyasi so we have also made female
sannyasanis and have given them equal responsibilities and duties from
grass root level to the global level.
So BABA said that PARAMAPURUSHA can never make distinction between his
sons and the daughters.
Once PARAVATI, the spouse of lord Shiva asked him that, what is the
minimum qualification required for an individual to become a spiritual
aspirant. He replied that the minimum qualification is to have a human
body which one attains after having many collisions and cohesions and
after passing through many lower lives in PRATISANCHARA. When one
attains human body he becomes qualified and authorized for spiritual
practice. When he does Sádhana he attains GYANA, the ATMAGYANA knowing
his self he attains MOKSHA.
Thus to remove ailments from the society Lord Shiva gave practical
What he did, Has Lord Shiva had had three wives i.e, one was an Aryan
girl named PARVATI, other one was a non Aryan girl named KAALI, and
the last one was a Mongolian girl named GANGA, each one of them were
having one child. Parvati had a son named BHAIRAVA, Kaali had a
daughter named BHAIRAVI, and Ganga had also a son named KAARTHIK.
So Lord Shiva for the first time taught the Tantra Sádhana, the first
Tantra Sádhana was given by lord Shiva to his son Bhairava, but he
also loved his daughter Bhairavii, thus to avoid any imbalance he also
gave tantra Sádhana to her because my daughter is equally dear to me.
So, he thought that in the long run in the society there will be lot
of disturbance and it will be a liability.
So he taught Tantra Sádhana to Bhairvarii also.
Kaarthik the son of Ganga was not interested in Tantra Sádhana, While
KAARTHIK was a kind of timid boy from spiritual point of view so he
was not interested in tantra Sádhana but he wanted only to rule and be
a King. So Lord Shiva didn’t teach Tantra Sádhana.
SO BABA told one story which nobody knows and Baba clarifies this,
Once what happened that in the darkest night of Amavasya, they knew
Lord Shiva himself and Bhairavi went to the cremation ground, smashan
as usual.
Lord Shiva used to remain observed in Samadhi stance and Bhaeravii did
her Tantra Sádhana has taught by Lord Shiva.
So new moon, One Amavasya Bhaeravii’s mother Kalii thought that my
daughter goes alone in a lonely place, in a solitary place, so there
may be some obstacles, ordeals i must go and see, if she need help i
can help her.
Kalii wearing the dress of Bhaeravii goes there to the cremation ground.
Simply i am being in the uniform of Bhaeravii, although it is dark but
if Shiva happens to see these, he will just imagine, he will think
that she is Bhaeravii.
She knows that Kali knows the system, the rule of going there, she
knows it well, but still she goes there out of love for her daughter.
When she goes it happens to hit the feet of her leg on the chest of
Shiva, as it was dark. And that’s why as soon as she finishes touching
the chest of Shiva, she becomes astonished, shameful ashamed as result
of this her tongue comes out. In the meantime, Lord Shiva asked
“Kastvam”. Who are you?
So she was frightened, she cannot say Kali because the rule doesn’t
permit to go there.
And if she say Kali, Lord Shiva what would he say?
If she say Bhaeravii, she cannot say Bhaeravii because Bhaeravii is
daughter of Shiva, how can she say Bhaeravii?
When she heard Kastvam? Who are you? Then She Said cau…verii. cauvery.
So Baba gave another force to help Tantrikas in the burial ground or
cremation ground. This Cauvery Shakti, so another name of Kalii was
Cauvery. Since time immemorial, since the time of Adi-Mahakaola,
Adi-Guru Sadashiva this practice, this spiritual practice by women has
been authorized by Lord Shiva Himself and those who opposed it they
are real opponents. It is to be noted that there came so many sages,
so MANY females’ sages also born in the earth like Maetrayeii,
Gayatrii etc.
Later there was Avartha Kiirtan with great flow and echoing from the
Pandal the kiirtan throughout the atmosphere.
In the afternoon and evening hours, there was Collective meeting with
BP’s and ACB’s from 3 pm to 4 pm at PP Quarters.
Later from 4 to 5 pm there was meetings with students and Teaches at
PP Quarters, then it was time for meeting with LFT’s from 4:30 pm to
5:00 pm.
Then after this there was collective meditation and time for RAWA
program. There was most colorful cultural program organized by the
participants from international RAWA artists.
The program was Group songs, solo dance, drama and folk dance.
The most outstanding dance was from Kerala Dancer Aishwarya – Tum ho
mere krsna –
There was a special duet dance by NY sector – Dr Pashupati, the next
wonderful piece was Drama staged by workshop participants – Who broke
the Bow of Lord Shiva?
There was GT representation by Janvi from Brazil staging a dance piece
on Shiva Shaukara.
There was Taiwan local dance performed in group.
The extraordinary and unique dance group from Prabhata Samgiita
Academy Champadanga Hooghly also presented fold dances – De perade
Tapera – Om Shiva Sambhu and Jone Chole – the director – Pranab Roy
and Principal – Tanmay Ghanti taught these three artist – Moumita
Ghosh, Jhumpa Shil and Soma Saha.
Everybody felt glad about RAWA ICON 2009 dancer Jaya who presented
Tandava based song very delightedly.
The RAWA has immensely grown with quality and representation because
of RAWA workshop organized before DMS by Mrinal and Vijaya.
After this magnificent program, there was vote of thanks given by
RU/RAWA Berlin Ac Gatimayananda Avt on behalf of Central RU/RAWA Secy,
Ac Nigamananda Avt to all RAWA artist who performed cultural program
on this RU Day.
Later there was half yearly report of RU/RAWA department read on
behalf of Central RU/RAWA Secy by RU/RAWA Berlin Sector.
There was Chow Dance before Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt delivered the
RU Speech on the topic Renaissance in all of strata life in Ananda
Marga. It was absolutely elaborative and crystal clear how Renaissance
can be materialized by propagating Ananda Marga Ideals in society. So
Rev Dada encouraged all open RU Clubs as well as create RAWA platform
in all important cities of nine sectors.
Thus the day came by foretaste to watch BABA’s video by all loving
devotees after doing Avartha Kiirtan.

The 3 days program of DMS came by to drop the screen down for this DMS
by the Supreme director Beloved BABA, to prove by making it absolutely
marvelous and crystal clear that HIS grace is showering with a new
wave in this New Year 2011.
We devotees must arouse within oneself and to share this to every
other representative who are following BABA’s mandate to build His
mission and maintain structural solidarity intact.
NEW Year’s Day started after sunrise (“Bhaja Sa´dhu sama´gamam” –
Utilize each and every moment of your life in enjoying the company of
Sa´dhu.“Kuru pun´yam´ Ahora´tram´ smara Nityamanityata´m” – And you
should be engaged in doing “Pun´ya” day and night. “Ahora´tram”,
Ahora´tram means from sunset to, from sunrise to sunrise, 24 hours.As
per Occidental calculation “from midnight to midnight” is a “Day” and
as per Oriental system, that is, system of Asia, “from sunrise to
One day in India means “Sunrise to Sunrise”. One day in Europe means
“from midnight to midnight”.Just after 12:00, the date changes, and in
India, just after sunrise, the date changes. That is the system.
Ahora´tram, – “Ahoh” means “from Sunrise to Sunset” and “ra´tra” means
“Sunset to Sunrise”, that is, night portion.You should be engaged in
doing Pun´ya karma, day and night, ahora´tram, from Sunrise to

Early morning, when the birds started chirping their melodious tunes,
the Paincajanya started and when it ended there was Prabhat pheri
(Nagar kiirtan) starting from DMS Pandal went on to BABA’s quarters
and came back to Kiirtan mantap; meantime Margiis and Acaryas wearing
new garments and flowers were heading towards BABA’s quarters to offer
their New year’s gift and get blessings from Beloved BABA in a very
personal way.
After this scene, we could see margiis completing their individual
meditation and were ready for collective meditation and Vaniipatha
which was read out in 43 languages of the world which commenced from 8
am till 8: 30 pm.
After these there was lot of exchange of New Year wishes amongst all
devotees of the globe which is seen by their smiling face and glowing
In this way, the margiis had an organizational duty and responsibility
of have regional meeting amongst different areas of Delhi sector
planning their agenda for making successful seminar program as well as
other pracar activities in their respective areas.
As this was going, the time came by for Holy address of Rev Ac
Vishwadevananda Avt. The topic, which Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Dadaji
spoke can be seen below:
What is Samskara?
The reaction in potentiality is in waiting or awaiting, one has not
undergone the consequences of the action, so it is in waiting, this
unserved samskara or this unserved vipaka, this is in waiting, is
called Samskara.
After the death the reaction in potential facility; the reaction
remains at potential. It is due for expression. It has to be
expressed. It has to be harnessed.
One has undergo the the consequence.
The first category of samskarars is Sahajata samskara – inborn samskaras.
In the previous life after the death, the samskaras are stored in
potential form in the bodiless mind and the waiting samskaras are
ripending there in the bodiless mind,the samskaras are reached through
the present body.
The second category is acquired samskaras.
We know our human mind has an independent will.
The samskaras which are acquired by pratyamulaka action, pratyamulaka
means the action performed; the original action first time, which is
performed by the creation of independent, will of human beings, human
mind. the pratyamulaka action has undergone, and in this way the
reaction chain goes on forming and forming. So the shaping category,
has a result of reaction
They are called samskaramulaka karma.
The third is imposed samskara.
Which are imposed, there are 5 types.
1. Jagrtika samskara,
2. Praveshagata samskara,
3. Kartavyagata samskara,
4. Shisksagata samskara,and
5. vrttigata samskara.

When the human mind comes in contact with crude objects of this
physical world, the crude vibrations or crude waves of the physcial
objects effects the human mind and they get clash which is called
physcial clash, due to this physical clash, human beings in
prehistoric times invented newer and newer tools, now it has taken the
form of science and technology. it is due to the physical clash, but
this physical clash is essential for life like fog, water, clothe,
medicine they are meted, in this way due to this physical clash, this
is called jagrtika samskara.

The effect of surrounding environment of human mind, the human mind
its vibrations, waves of the surrounding of the environment atmosphere
effects the mind and this waves effects the mind, surround the mind in
their own rhythm and thus mind moulds according to atmoshpere or
environment. This is praveshagata samskara.

The third is Kartavyagata means responsibility.
I gave one example, which makes it clear – there was one dacoit around
12 hundred or 13 hundred years ago in India, his name was Ratnakara,
later when he became siddha, he was known as Valmikii.
When a elevated renunciate was going, he was dacoit, he used to do
dacoity, robbering, and used to feed his family,daughters, sisters and
other family members.
Once upon a time a realized soul who is renunciate was going on the
way, so that dacoit Ratnakara came and try to rob him, the siddha
purusa sannayasi asked him why do you do this?and you also tell me you
are doing this bad deed but you have to undergo the consequences – bad
consequences of the bad deeds. Could your family members, daughters,
sisters, wife will
share you bad deeds. So he asks his family members because sage told
me this, so reply to this question. Will you share my deeds, my
vipaka, my requittal of action, will you share – so his wife first of
all says — no no no we are not concerned; you only have to feed us in
a manner has better has possible.
So he became very astonished and came back to that sage and falls
,down at his feet and asked for Diiksa. But his mind was very crude,
his mind was not in a state of understanding the mantra. but the sage
was blacking him in that way or that way.
So the sage thought how to manage, the sage wanted to give mantra
rama- rama the glittering entity, he couldn’t comphrend it so what he
did he gave him “mara” and said to him to repeat this. the sage
understand it mara – so he started doing mara, mara, mara and it
became rama. So when he sat in concentration in meditation, he went
into a deep concentration, till the sage came he was in trance and ant
hills was grown all over his body.
Still he is sitting in meditation and he became a great sage named
Valmikii and wrote a great epic “Ramayana”.
In the same way i told that we observe Shravanii Purnima.
When Kalicharan asked Baba to give everything, Baba asked i will give
you everything, but please tell one thing, why do you do this, it is a
good deed, so he tells Baba, I have large family – I have my sisters
yet to be married, I have wife, sons and daughters, so to feed them I
do this?
Because bondage is after me, i have no employment, so i have to depend
on this, and fulfill my duty for feeding my family.
So, this clarifies the Kartvayagata Samskara. So this is resposibility
to be responsible.
The fourth one was Educational samskara. Whatever the child learns in
school, he yearns the same type of Samskara, as he grows up and in
higher classes, higher education, still those samskaras which are
implanted effect his mind since childhood it works. Rev Dada gives one
example of a great scientist in India – Raman who founded Ramans
effect in Physics. when he was a child what he was ritually observing,
it had effect even when he was a scientist.
Next is vrttigata samskara or Habitual samskara. I told the reaction
or chain reaction, Baba gives one very good example that somebody
gives donation – out of greed for money, somebody does the act, the
work of stealing, so he becomes thief. So why did he do so? Out of the
greed for money, this was pratyamulaka samskara.
The samskara performed for the first time, the original samskara, it
was due to greed for money, so he needed independent will, so he did
this because for the greed for money, and after that what happened,
and after this pratyamulaka action, what happens? This reaction takes
place, it becomes reaction in potentiality, that is samskara,
samskara is formed and to fulfill that samskara, for self satisfaction
he did again stealing, he does again the action of stealing, so it
will become another samskara, in this way the chain reaction of
samskaras goes on and on and he becomes habituated of doing such act
and he becomes a thief.
So, after accumulating this Samskara, the samskaramula action chain
made him thief so faults are habituated samskaras, habitual samskara
or vrttigata samskara.
So biopsychology changes because of that action of stealing; his
glands and subglands Start secreting hormones, his biopsychology
changes, body changes so glands are changes,and he becomes habituated
So, this is vrttimulaka samskara.
There are two questions arises, due to this – replenishment of fruit
of action, whether man and animals also get samskaras.
Only surrendering all karmas to Brahma we can accomplish this. Harati
papa ayae itayarthe Hari.
Who is Hari? Who steals papa, papa means samskara. He steals without
the knowledge of Hari.
In this way, Beloved Baba used to take away all samskaras without the
knowledge of a devotee.
If i ask the devotee to give away their samskaras to Him, devotees
will never give, so without the knowledge of devotees, his papa will
be taken away.

When BABA was in Jamalpur, Baba have graciously taken away thousands
of devotees samaskaras and Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt Dadaji narrated
two incidents and concluded the morning talk.
Later in afternoon there was AMURT meetings from 3 to 4 pm. After this
there was Gurukula meeting from 3:30 to 4 pm.
The highlight was the Meeting of the general body of Avadhutas took
place in PP quarters around 4 to 5 pm.
The final RAWA program was performed by the entire International RAWA
artist to secure the place for RAWA icons 2011. The important part of
this evening was “presentation of Winners for Acting, Singing and
Dancing” declared? Our Central RU/RAWA Secretary Ac Nigamananda Avt
gave away the prizes for International RAWA Icon 2011 for best Acting,
Singing and Dancing. See photos attached.
Later Respected Central RU/RAWA Secretary congratulated the organizers
by giving them a memento to Smt and shrii Mrinal Pathak.
There was report of Finance department & General Secretary’s Report read out.
After this, Holy Address by Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt, so Rev Dada
came over to the podium ad our Central DPS Respected Ac Sampurananda
Avt garlanded Rev Dadaji.
There were 21 RM’s blessed as well as prizes distributed for different
activities who were honored. See the attached photos.
Then Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt Dadaji spoke this words mentioned below:
We have to take Ananda Marga to grass root level. There are two
aspects, one is expansion and other is consolidation as structural
solidarity. For these we need wt workers so BABA’s says there should
be maximum number of Revolutionary marriages, and also production of
Sannayasi whole time workers very necessary.
Lastly there was BABA’s Varabhaya mudra on the video screen.

In Him
A’carya Nigamananda Avadhu’ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)
A’nanda Ma’rga Praca’raka Sam’gha
Camp- Ranchi 834005