DMS in Berlin Sector – July 30, 31 – 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Namaskar !

Grand Reception of Rev Ac Vishvadevananda Avt at Frankfurt International Airport & Ba’ba’s Quarter, Madhukaruna, Germany on 25th July, 2010.

The scheduled flight arrival from New Delhi by AI 121 at Frankfurt International Airport was around 6:30 early morning.

At the airport SS, Ac Krpamayananda Avt of Berlin Sector garlanded Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt and welcomed him for Berlin Sector DMS and for the tour in Berlin Sector.

Didi SWWS Avkt An Praveda Ac and on behalf of German National Committee brother kailash from Berlin and many other Acaryas and margiis welcomed Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Dada with bouquets and salutations at the Airport.

The main official reception was held at Madhukaruna with Guard of Honor, along with Kaoshikii & Tandava performed by brothers and sisters.

Rev Dada arrived at Ba’ba’s Quarter around 8:00 AM. There was an ecstatic flow of Kiirtan by several margiis from Berlin Sector and other countries, especially from Malta and Israel etc.

On the way to Madhukaruna from the airport, several cars were in procession along with Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt, Ac Nigamananda Avt, GFS accompanying Rev Dada was also well received & welcomed by Margiis on the occasion of DHARMA MAHA SAMELAN, which will be commencing from 30 July & 31st July, 2010.

The Guard of Honor salute was given by ASD, Seva Dal and Girls Volunteers at Madhukaruna on his arrival. Sectorial Office Secy Berlin Sector Dada Aniishanandajii garlanded at Madhukaruna and welcomed Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt and were Welcoming Rev Dada with deep respect.


Namaskar Dear Brothers and sisters,
I am very happy to inform about the first day news about Spiritual Conference which includes ETC/UTC/DMS held at Madhukaruna.
The day started with delightful golden rays of crimson falling upon Madhukaruna – Ba’ba’s quarter along with chirping of melodious birds and fragrance of flowers all over Madhukaruna.
At 5:00 am Páiṋcajanya with “Tumi Dhara Dhile” Prabhata Samgiita by Dada Devavratananda and rhythmic vibration of tunes of kiirtan and meditation inspiring and leading to spiritual flow of the day.
Early morning around 7:00 am, Collective Sádhana, Svadhaya, Dharmashastra took place.

The inspirational talk on Dharma Shastra by Acarya Shubhatmananda relates to 3T which Ba’ba’ gave during 1970’s – relates to Target, Time and Togetherness.
For any work to materialise one must have proper determination to carry out noble deeds and keep in mind to achieve the target in very short time working all together for the target.

The grand attraction was collective Kaoshikii and Táńd́ava performed by all present margiis & workers lead by Didi An Prama and Dada Devajinana respectively.
The outstanding and memorable event of the day was the Opening Ceremony where in our Central Representative of GS Dada, Ac Nigamananda Avt GFS garlanded Ba’ba’s Pratikriti and was greeted with a banquet by little kid from Roma Region.
Dada embarks on to narrate what is “progress” stating “the collective movement means moving together ahead”.

Dada said he has been present in Madhukaruna for Spiritual conference since 2007 and feel the Grace of Beloved Ba’ba’ that every year there was a increase positive flow and last year the members of Sectorial ACB & GNC took the decision for hosting DMS at Madhukaruna and this got materialized this time and we are here with Rev Ac Vishwadevanandaji to address DMS gathering.
Dada also said that there will be ever flowing Grace always experienced during the occasion of DMS which results in concrete output of this grand event.
Dada welcomed the gathering of margiis and workers to feel and experience the presence of Ba’ba’ during this DMS and to vibrate this message in their respective regions.

Following the same trend, Brother Kailash on behalf of President Rta welcomed the margiis saying it is not only the duty but it is the grand attraction that pulls them to come to Madhukaruna to recharge and revitalize their Spiritual Growth.

SS and others also conveyed their wholehearted greetings inviting margiis and workers present for this DMS program to make it successful.

Just after this program, there was 120 hours Akhanda Kiirtan which started in full swing with a very great positive vibration from all margiis and workers dancing together singing BABA NAM KEVALAM.

Meanwhile Rev Dada Ac Vishwadevananda Avt has been keeping himself engaged meeting the margiis from different region/countries of Berlin and Cairo Sector.
Margiis of Malta region came to pay the respect to Dadaji and Dadaji was also glad with hearing the progress of Malta.

Margiis who did RM in Berlin sector and had blessings from Ba’ba’s also met Dadaji along with their family members (children) and paid respect to him.
Dada also addressed them by explaining the how positive Microvita helps in one’s individual life. He further added that Baba helps the Sádhaka by showering HIS Grace in the form of Positive Microvita.

Likewise other program highlight was ETC class in the afternoon which was given by SS Berlin Ac Krpamayananda Avt about “Creative learning”.


Namaskar Dear Brothers and sisters,
On 29 July 2010, our Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Dada addressed on the first day to the gathering of devotees who were present in the morning and evening program in community hall near Madhukaruna.
The subject of his discourse was “Ba’ba’ the perfect synonym of a Supreme Father”.
Rev Dada started with Ba’ba’s all pervasive power and love for Devotees.
Ba’ba’ started exhibiting the power since his birth while feeding him for the first time..
When Rev Dada was a small boy, when Dada and his best friend used to argue, to claim that my father was great or his friend’s father was Great.
You know, everybody has love for his own father.
Baba is the Supreme so he is the Father, that’s why everybody has love for that Supreme Father and HE is our Baba.
A father loves his child but the grandfather loves his grand children still more and great grandfather loves his grand children still more and more.
So Supreme Father who is the father of all children loves his children the Most, that’s why HE is Supreme Father of all.
Many margiis who were present could really understand clearly the Synonym of a Supreme Father, where in Rev Dada narrated various stories relating to the all pervasive power and love for his devotees.

Suppose for example- Rev Dada narrated incidents regarding Personal Contact with Baba.
During one Personal Contact, when Baba told a tall figured devotee to sit on His lap, the devotee hesitated at first and when found seated he felt that Baba’s lap is no more small but enlarged to seat comfortable and he felt to be like a child and didn’t want to get out of that fatherly/motherly lap of Baba.
In another incident, Ba’ba gave a stick to another devotee making to sit first on Baba’s lap by dearly calling beside and pulled him and later asked him touch the Sádhakas sitting there in the room.
Whomever the devotee touched, those aspirant were experiencing trance at once.
So Baba later asked him how you feel.
Then the aspirant said, Baba I am feeling a lot of energy and power within me and I feel that I can create another Universe, within no time.
Baba took the stick from him and after a while how do you feel now?
I am feeling like an ordinary man now before I sat on your lap, Baba.
Now I don’t have any power with me.
Then Baba later explained to Sádhakas that Parama Purusa, by HIS grace can exhibit what the Yogis don’t?
Yogis can get such powers only if Parama Purusa bestows one to get any power..

Again Dada said, power of Omniscience can be gotten only by the Grace of Parama Purusa.
In another story of Baba, there were few Dadas who had been initiated with special meditation, and later they were called in Baba’s room.
All of them were standing before Baba and then Baba asked one question about Lord krsna.
Baba asked that how people think that Lord Krsna was playing with girls and women by stealing clothes and many other things, so people have a wrong misunderstanding about those incidents. How do you think?
Then Dadas told that actually we don’t know what had happened we don’t exactly know the incidents. Baba’ didn’t say the answer but they requested Baba please explain the incidents.
Then Baba didn’t reply directly but Baba kept quiet and started to see them for sometime and within moments everybody was getting attracted towards Baba, because Baba changed the whole atmosphere charging it spiritually and all present were weeping and crying; they just caught hold of Baba and starting embracing Baba as if they want to enter into Baba’s body.
So strong was their attraction and love for Baba that after a while then Baba asked them to come in normal situation and found everything normal and started separating from Baba.
Then Baba explained the spiritual attraction which Lord krsna used to create during his time.

That’s how lord krsna used to apply strong love and attraction when the devotees used to dance, sing or run behind him but this concept was misunderstood totally.

The flow of DMS is still continuing unconditionally showering Baba’s Grace.


Namaskar Dear Brothers/sisters,
Our all round life is going well by HIS overwhelming grace during this Spiritual conference cum DMS which is very much filled with excellent brightness in each one of us present with total gathering more 350 which includes childrens and Acaryas and margiis from different regions prominently from Moscow, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Israel and all the region of Berlin sector.

Our program as schedule started with Dharma Cakra prior to arrival of Rev Dadaji.

As per traditional system, Rev Dada was given Guard of Honour and after his arrival Kaoshikii by brothers and sisters, Tandava were performed. After one Prabhat Samgiita gave a Discourse on the subject “Our Relation with Ba’ba’”.

While investigating our Relation with Ba’ba’, we come to find 3 fold relations. The very first relation with Ba’ba’ is that of Guru and Disciple or Master & Disciple.

When an aspirant comes in contact with the Master through Diiksa, Guru will hold hands of the disciple and when the disciple takes Oath then disciple is holding hands of Guru.

The relation b/w Guru and disciple is always personal one. So Baba’ is our Guru and we are HIS disciples.

Beloved Baba is teaching Brahmavidya the cosmic science through the medium of name & form of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and guiding the disciples on the path of Braham Vidya.

The first and foremost thing for a disciple is to have complete conviction with his Guru. Suppose who has faith in God and Goddess/Devatas/Deities who are regarded has superman Godly beings, they neither speak nor laugh neither sleep nor eat nor do they fight nor run any ashram.

They are above all human imperfections.

Thus the faith one has in god and goddess goes unchallenged and remains undamaged.

Similarly it is also not difficult to have faith in non qualified Supreme consciousness (Nirguna Brahma), because he is only the witnessing entity, inactive entity. What?

Faith in Guru is fragile and vulnerable.

Because Guru leaves in human body, and HE is subject to laws of Prakrti.

Devotion became our mission so we cannot leave our Beloved Baba.

In the relation what does happen? Guru and disciple relation,
I just conclude now, here one relation with Baba’ is developed in the beginning Has GURU. we held his hand in the form of Diiksa, he did that time.
Devotion became our mission and we cannot leave Baba. So Guru and disciple relation transformed or sublimated into Bhakta and Bhagavan. And when these relation, the intensity of this relation between Bhakta and Bhagavan, the devotee and the Lord expanded, developed magnified.
Reaching at the peak period in the last and ultiate relation has father and sons etc.
so this the most important lesson at once i said, when Ba’ba was leavning Philliphines, HE said, what I am? I am yours my sons and my daughters. I don’t belong to heaven or hell, i am always with You.
Here i world like to conclude now, our relation with Ba’ba’ is developed.
We are his affectionate sons and daughters, we are his affectionate children. Baba’ always used to say “my sons and daughters”, always Baba used to address devotees like this.
so this is the most important and once i said, when Baba’ was leaving Philiphines, He said my sons and daughters, and i am always with you and that is what I am?
So here i just conlcude now – our relation with Ba’ba in the beginning, we held his hand in the form of diiksa, He also, So He became a GURU. With these development, with the progress, in this relation, what happended, this Guru and disciple relation sublimated into Bhakta and Bhagavan, the devotee and the Lord, we became his devotee, Devotion became our Mission, We cannot leave without Ba’ba.
So the Guru and disciple relation transformed or sublimated into Bhakta and Bhagavan and when this relation, the intensity of this relation between bhakta and bhagavan, the devotee and the lord expanded,developed, magnified, it reaching at the peak period, it reaching or culminated with the relation of Father and Son.
So this is what i wanted to say, now our final relation with Baba is… Has this was the topic yesterday, Baba the Supreme Father, He is our Supreme Father. We are protected everywhere, by His Grace, we are enjoying His grace. We are devoted sons and Daughter and He is our affectionate doting Supreme Father. We should enjoy everything and maintain this relation.
What is on our part to do, has sons and daughter, So to please our father, and what our father is doing everything for us. We should be assured of this and this is third relation.
There are two more relations, which i have myself on my own developed it or like to say this, What is that?
Baba once said, You see i have to furnish four fold duties, four fold responsibilities, what are those?
1. I have to act has Ba’ba’ for my sons and daughters.
2. I have to act has Guru, guiding teaching on the Spiritual Path, towards Spirituality because the spiritual path is very difficult, it is just like running over the edge of the knife, without Guru it is not possible, to develop Spiritually. Ba’ba once said, only those aspirants who attain Nirvikalpa samadhi they can also come down in the absence of Guru’s Guidance. So Baba said, I have to act has Guru. has Guru He is the Subject and we are His object, He always look after well being, He helps us in our spiritual well being. He gives us the Spiritual Love
3. Baba said the third duty, I have to furnish is of the Purodha, Purodha Pramukha of the Organization, Purodha Pramukha and
4. The President of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, the Organization.
So I will also say the same thing, has Baba is our Preceptor, Adi Guru, he will remain Adi Guru, the Original, the first, nobody is going replace him, He is, He was, He will remain our Adi Guru, Original Preceptor. Similarly He was Purodha Pramukha, so I myself consider Him has our Adi Purodha Pramukha, Adi President. We are only representing Him; We are only representative of Him, has we know in the DMC, Ba’ba’ Himself used to come, now we have DMS so we are his representative in DMS.
Similarly He is our Adi Purodha Pramukha, Adi President, and we are only representing, so one should not think that I am President, I am Purodha Pramukha.
So i must go on doing my duties.
So with this the topic was “Our Relation with Ba’ba”
In the evening also there was the speech, after traditional koashikii Tandava dance and his topic of discussion was “Personalization of Impersonal Supreme entity”.
In our Ananda Marga Philosophy it is mentioned, Shiva Shaktimayakm Brahma

The supreme entity is composite of shiva and shakti …Supreme exists in two states. Avastha means state.

Nirguna avastha – non qualified supreme entity.
Saguna avastha – qualified supreme entity.
In non qualified supreme entity this consciousness is under the qualifying influence of prakrti. Here the consciousness and its qualified principle that is prakrti are independent of the influence of each other.

Nirguna brahma is the Supreme Rank. NB is non qualified supreme entity is formless and objectless with no action or derivation…

Saguna brahma, so due to this qualifying influence of prakrti which results into the creation of this universe.

Saguna brahma being the operator of this vast universe, due to his endless samskaras, within him, is in change and will continue to enjoy; will continue to consume the fruits of his own past samskara.

So Saguna Brahma is also imperceptible to Jiivas to living beings.

Hence Saguna B is also impersonal entity.

The unit consciousness, atman or jiivatma being under the dominance of Saguna Brahma which has to attain the freedom from the bondages of qualifying influence of prakrti, and on being released from the bondages of prakrti, it merges in NB to attain finally the supreme rank of Saguna.

Since Nirguna Brahma and Saguna Brahma both are impersonal entities they are outside the scope of the existential I of the microcosmic entity.

They are it is not possible for there contact these two states cannot help the aspirant to have the glimplse and divine taste of divine bliss of that Transcendental entity…

Therefore there must be some bridge some tangential point b/w Saguna Brahma and Nirguna Brahma. This tangential is called as Taraka Brahma. TB can fulfil the function of both.

Taraka Brahma that which liberates. His only mission is to liberate the jiivas, the souls from the bondage of Prakrti. Thus the only way an aspirant can go from SB to NB is through the spontaneous Grace of Taraka Brahma.

He loves guides, favours his affectionate sons and daughters, His children say, HE cannot leave without loving them, and address him Oh our Great Father! Oh our affectionate mother, Our all, Thou art the only rescue in the crude worldly portion and so we surrender ourselves to Thee.

The compassionate affection of Taraka Brahma compels him to advent in physical form. Tantra says, TB is a creation of Devotional sentiment and not the figure of Philosophy, He is beyond the scope of Philosophy. He is the creation of devotees.

Now we come to the role of mahasambhuti. As mentioned earlier that MS is the Saguna manifestation of TB. He is clear has a paper, He is Guru, He is Sadguru, Maha sambhuti is the most affectionate, HE is most beloved Personal entity. He becomes quite personal,

Sambhuti , Mahasambhuti is our personal entity.

Maha sambhuti helps us in our spiritual realization. The Supreme Consciousness has two aspects. One is Supreme consciousness is vastest entity.

And He is also subtlest entity.

MS puts the aspirant in both aspects of Brahma the subtlest and vastest aspect through the process of Dhyana. Dhyana is highest achievement of a Sadhaka for realization by the grace of TB.

Now how does Maha sambhuti help us? And has I said, as mentioned earlier, the Maha sambhuti is Saguna manifestation of Taraka Brahma. He is dear as the creator, he is guru, he is Sadguru. So Mahasambhuti is the most affectionate, he is most beloved personal entity.

As I said the realization of Vastest entity or vastest aspect of Brahma is said to be Savikalpa Samadhi.

Mahasambhuti leads through Dhyana, leads the sadhaka to realize the vastest entity to attain Savikalpa Samadhi to attaint the trance of determinate absorption. How?

The Psycho spiritual process or Sadhana of Iishvara Pranidhana, the first lesson that we do, what happens, in that process we use a mantra. This is called Ista mantra. Mantra is a word. But any word cannot be a mantra. Any mantra cannot be ista mantra.

MS in tantric is called Mahakaola, who design the mantra and who makes the mantra Siddha. Mahakaola charges the mantra with the spiritual power and mantra becomes Siddha. Now what does it mean? He charges the mantra to infuse spiritual power. What does it mean?

It means you see in Iishvara pranidhana? What is Mantra?

Here MS is the form of Mantra. Mantra is His form. Otherwise he is formless. So Mahasambhuti exists here in the form of Mantra. How He makes the mantra Siddha? There are 3 stages.

One is, Maha sambhuti associates Himself with the mantra has bhava Ideation, cosmic ideation. Rather we can say, he resides in the mantra has bhava. Cosmic ideation, he is bhava – Divine Ideation of a mantra. This is one.

So when he sits, when he resides has bhava in the mantra, he creates bhava shakti, the force of ideation, So the mantra has force of Ideation, So this is called in samskrta has bhava shakti. This is one.

Another one is, He creates rhythm rather he is present in the form of rhythm. He creates rhythm. The mantra is rhythmic. In this rhythm he creates a mantra with chanda shakti or rhythmic force.

And 3rd aspect is Prana shakti that is vital force in mantra, which is extended through prana that is breathing in and breathing out.

Only Mahasambhuti can create mantras and give power in that. That Mantra will lead that Sadhaka to Self Realization.

This 3 Bhava Shakti, Chanda Shakti and Prana Shakti form the Mantra shakti. This can be done only by Mahakaola. ……

In the evening after Rev Dadaji’s speech, there was Avartha Kiirtan.

The grand attraction in the late evening was the RAWA concert performed by various Artists from different regions – the most attraction was Drama act by London region margiis lead by Didi Avkt Ananda Manika Acarya based on Prabhata Samgiita.

There was Quwali song and dance performed also by them.

There was a dance performance by sister Tara based on Shiva’s song. The most highlighting was the Acro Yoga from Malta and Newzealand brothers respectively.

Our Lft sisters, Shivanii, Viveka etc came out with a song based on Prabhat Samgiita with a power point presentation of their training sessions during their performance “This life is for HIM”.

The program started with Saḿgacchadhvaḿ saḿvadadhvaḿ saḿ vo manáḿsi jánatám by Prahlad and Chorus and ended with a Prabhat a Samgiita song by Ravidev from Sweden.


Namaskar Dear Brothers/Sisters,

I feel blessed with gratitude and deeply realize the grace of Supreme Will of Beloved BABA who has showered HIS grace to bring all His loving devotees to be here in this Blissful Dharma Maha Sammelan on 30 and 31st July with our Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt

Today was the 31 DMS day 31wherein early morning margiis were drawing towards Kiirtan Mantap has 120 hours Akhanda Kiirtan was nearing. It was such a glimpse of devotional flow that no devotee can remove from their ectoplasmic plate the vibration of Ba’ba’ Nam Kevalam echoing and amplifying within.

With the time it came to an halt with Parama Pita Ki Jai and Taraka Brahma Ba’ba’ ki Jai. Later Prasad was distributed. Ac Nigamananda Dada shared his memorable incident of how Kiirtan benefits Sadhakas physically, mentally and spiritually and narrated few stories related to it. Later Dada Siddhayogananda also said that Kiirtan can be done by any aspirant who is not so intelligent or lacks intellectually also. So with this kiirtan everybody has scope to attain highest rank.

Later Didi Avkt An Dyotana Ac also said Kiirtan is sadhana sahayakam and one must do kiirtan before Kiirtan to get good concentration. After this every margiis were ready to proceed to DMS venue. Thus in this grandeur occasion of DMS started with guard of Honor to our Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Avt and Rev Dada later did satsunga pranam to Ba’ba’ offering garland to Ba’ba’s Pratikriti.

When Rev Dada sat on his podium to deliver his subject of discourse on “Personalization of impersonal supreme entity” and Dada continued saying, “We dealt one part of that and remaining two”.

In brief I said Supreme Entity is the vastest entity and also the subtlest one.

Maha Sambhuti establishes the spiritual aspirant in both the aspects of Brahma.

We also know that the psycho spiritual process Sadhana of Iishvara pranidhan gives the realization of the vastest, leading to Savikalpa Samadhi the trance of determinate absorption.

Which is at the state of liberation – Mukti.

There is very prominent story in India. Saint Mira was the great devotee of Lord krsna. She was moving everywhere, doing pracar, singing, dancing. Once she visited Vrindavan, where an elevated saint, Rupa Goswami. When this Miira goes there expresses her to meet the saint, she sends here message. And when messengers communicate to the Saint, Such and such lady has to come she wants to meet you. Tell her, I don’t meet ladies. When she hears, she reciprocates in the entire Brindavan there is only one Purusa, who is the second Purusa where from he has come.

When Goswami came to know about this, he comes running to ask forgiveness and recognizes Miira is more spiritually elevated than him.

Miira was the Sadhika of Sarsthi Bhava. This is the stage of Savikalpa Samadhi. But this is not the end. Our journey does not end here because we have to attain Moksa.

Miira was the sadhika of Sarsthi bhava. When kulakundalinii reaches Ajina Cakra. There is emergence of Sarsthi bhava. He is mine I am His. You are mine, I am yours and the whole creation is yours.

This is bhava. So this is the stage of Savikalpa Samadhi.

By iishvara Pranidahna, we cannot, one cannot go beyond Savikalpa Samadhi. For which the Philosophy have been propounded by our Guru Baba.

So today we shall lead with that subtlest aspect

One aspirant sadhaka/sadhika realizes has the subtlest entity so much so that he/she merges in that, it said to be the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the trance of indeterminate absorption.

Now here this is Dhyana. In case of IP, we saw that in mantra shakti, the composite of Prana shakti, chanda shakti and bhava shakti helps the sadhaka play the important role in the elevation of kula kundalinii, elevation of a sadhaka, spiritual elevation, But here the scenario is different in Dhyana.

Taraka Brahma is beyond the perview of Dhyana; he cannot be brought within the scope of Dhyana; He cannot be visualized in dhyana, why?

Because He is formless, Nirguna so he is also Impersonal entity. But when Taraka Brahma manifest Himself has Maha sambhuti a creation of five fundamental factors in human form, sadhaka aspirant can touch and feel His presence.

So Maha Sambhuti has two sides –

One is external and other is internal

The external side, He is the murta – murta rupa – means form. He has a form and internal side of Taraka Brahma or Maha Sambhuti is amurta, formless, nirkara, nirguna.

So in Dhyana this external form of Maha Sambhuti is very He becomes Bhava murti of Dhyana. At a particular place of Bio psychic sphere what is that place? Guru Cakra.

Maha sambhuti at Guru Cakra has manifested Himself, is being manifesting Himself or becomes Bhava murti. The centre of attraction, the devotional attraction for the sadhaka. Thus the process goes on.

With the intense devotion of Bhavamurti.

You know that i just tell you, you might have seen, there are some sadhakas seeing Baba, they used to go in Samadhi.

So this Mahasambhuti, His external form of Mahasambhuti becoming Bhavamurti. He creates the devotional attraction, due to which the Sadhaka or Sadhika get attracted.

Now the process of Dhyana goes on. Those who do these they know and simply telling is theoretical one. So what happens, there is intense attraction of Bhavamurti and the Sadhaka is getting attracted. Then what happens?

There is the emergence of relationship with him. The sadhaka passes through some stages of relation with Bhava murti and finally this relation with him, transforms into the relationship of mother and child. The child sees mother gets attracted due to mothers attraction. These stages of relationship with Him depends upon the intensity of our love with Him so depending upon His love, the Sadhaka undergoes the changes in the relation of that Bhava murti.

Then there comes the stage I said that these relationships get transformed into the relationship of mother and child. Child see mother and gets attracted and rush towards her mother, sits on the lap of mother and enjoys mother’s love.

Now here the child has come in the lap, now from here onwards start the affectionate role of mother. Mother plays the role, here mother role plays the prominent role of mother, she pulls the child that means the devotee, she pulls the child in and in; and the child enjoys the pleasure.

Also the mother too enjoys the pleasure. And this devotional attraction becomes too intense, it does not remain possible for the devotee, for the child to remain separate from mother to remain separate from the Supreme Entity, from that Bhavamurti. What happens?

I merges in Him, I merges in He and In this way, the child and the mother -. The devotee and the Supreme they become one.

And After the merger what happens? What remains after the merger, there remains only one entity and that entity is the entity of Baba Anandamurti – Ananda – Blissful state.

Other aspect i told you in beginning what? Internal side of Mahasambhuti is?

Nirakara, blissful, that state remains only. That is the state where Baba Anandamurti, the embodiment of Anandam. He is Nirguna, the aspirants merge and that is Nirvakalpa Samadhi.

And this is the state of Moksa or Salvation…..

We should always remember it and has Baba taught that no power on Earth can separate me from my sons & daughters, from my children… it depends upon the intensity of your love, your devotion, May Ba’ba develop our devotion towards in Him.

When Rev Dada arrived from Madhukaruna in the evening for the final phase of DMS, there was Guard of Honor and before that Rev Dada sat on his podium to deliver his Discourse, the RM couples were graced with the blessings. Later Prizes were distributed for their best contributions in their respective field of action, service and sacrifice.

After these consolation prize distribution, Kaoshikii and Tandava was performed and a Prabhat Samgiita song by lft sister Shivanii “this life is for Him” was sung.

I have nothing specifically to say, i would like to say that whatever i spoke in my discourses i did not speak about anything about the Ontology of Ananda Marga, Metaphysics of Ananda Marga, or Microvita.

The discourses which are delivered can be concluded only with one couplet initiated by a saint. The meaning of that couplet is Ram Nam – nam name and Ram means Lord. The name of the Lord.

Ram was his Ista mantra. So the saint says that Ram Nam the name of Lord is in numeral – a number. A Saint says if you put 10 after the number it value becomes 10 times. Another is added again 10 times the value increase. Say for example take a number 1.

And if we put 000000, six zeros after 1, it makes 1 again.

If we the remove the number 1 what is the value of six 0’s. So the saint says, that if Ram is there, if lord is there in our life, then everything is there with us. And if Ram, if Lord or if Bhagavan is not there in our life, has our Goal, has our Ista, if you have in that case even if you have millions and billions and billions of money there is no value. So.. if we have Ba’ba’ in our life, then we have everything and if Baba goes from our life, if we have anything in our life, then we will be just like a poor man wondering here and there.

So, Baba is our Ista, Baba cited one shloka from the scriptures — what is the meaning of this? Those persons who worship day and night making their Goal, who worship or who always engaged in extroversal world avidya, these external world, in material world has their object then they are in dark.

The second line says, that those who remain engrossed always has their object of life and who remain engaged in introversal world only introversal world – worshipping in Himalaya, remaining solitude in lonely place, leaving the society, only doing their practice, the realized souls say that such persons are in more darkness than former, so Ba’ba says, the one of the 7 features of AM philosophy bestowed by Baba is “Subjective Approach through Objective Adjustment”. Our aim of life, our goal of life, summum bonum of life is Self Realization and Selfless Service.

We have to take both Vidya and Avidya, extroversial world and introversal world, why?

Because both are created by Parama Purusa.

There are two words in Samskrta language.

Rev Dada also spoke about Shrama and Parishram. Shrama means Intellectual labor, intellectual work, parishram means physical labour, physical work. There is inspiration, in case of shram. There is inspiration from the soul, so we can say, Sharma means soul inspired intellectual work. Parisharma is devoid of the inspiration from soul.

One who by nature is inclined towards shram he remains engaged, and he masters working with shram is called shraman.

And shraman becomes shramanya in abstract. That is in abstract, the abstract sharmanya is abstract of sharma. There is a title in India called Sharma and it has also involved like this.

Those who do intellectual work Baba told that in old samskrta these country germany is called Shramanya bhumi. Bhumi means country or land. The country with land of intellectuals. Germany and Shramanya has close relation, they are very much similar. So these Germany is the land of Intellectuals. Sharmans are guided by Ananda. They are inspired by Ananda Bliss. And those who are inspired by Ananda are Ananda Margiis. Those who are in the path of Ananda are Ananda Margiis. So these Sharmas are Ananda Margiis. Ananda Marga alone is Dharma in the world and Dharma means Bhagavata Dharma and Bhagavata Dharma means Adarsha, Ideology, it is associated with Ideology, Adarsha. So therefore Baba is our Ista and Ananda Marga is our Ideology. We should not deviate from Ista and Ideology. To stick to Ista and Ideology; Ista and Adarsha, ista and ideology there is struggle.

One is to be ready to face any struggle to tread in the path of Ista and Adarsha. So in our life we have both the things. So in our life we have Ista, our Beloved, affectionate has our Goal, that is Baba and we also have Adarsha, Ideology.

Our Ideology is the greatest Ideology in the world, we should be sure, there should not be any doubt about it. So i would say that Ista and Ideology is very important in one’s life.

I enjoyed immense pleasure here in your company, in these shramanya bhumi of shramanas, the devotees of wise, wise intellectuals. These shramanya bhumi , i remain here from 25th July enjoyed your company, very immensely and shall be going on from here, your sympathy, your love, your affection with me in my heart.

Thus the DMS of Madhukaruna, Germany was ended with an invitation to attend the coming december 2010, 1 Januray 2011 program of DMS at Ananda Nagar.


Dear brothers and sisters, Namaskar!

The DMS of Germany was grand achievement; it ended with multi soaring colors of paradise here at Madhukaruna. Sectorial conference was followed by DMS program which ended day before yesterday.

After the morning of August 1, during Closing ceremony, 2 of our new margiis who attended for the first time narrated their feelings sister Kalyanii from Malta and brother Amit from Moscow who video recorded the whole Conference cum DMS. Sister Kalyanii expressed that, she along with other margiis will go to respective unit and convey other margiis about their spiritual experience they felt during this DMS.

It was sweet blissful and charming experience all the time since first day. Kalyanii also said that all the margii children got realization of Baba after DMS. And it is really wonderful for us that I enjoyed this occasion of DMS so strong and ever pleasing and pleasant. Next time we shall come with more people to Madhukaruna in coming July 2011 Spiritual conference.

All margiis together we will create new margiis and work for Ba’ba’’s mission.

RDS also started very positively under the guidance of Rev Dadaji, where except two workers who are on duty, all the Dadas and Didis of Berlin sector were present. Ac Jinanendra Brc RS Sao Paolo, Ac Kalyanavratananda from GT sector, Ac Purusottam RS Accra(Nairobi sector), Ac Shantimaya Brc RS Athens, Ac Sarvajiitananda Avt RS Congo(Nairobi sector) and Brc Jyoti(Caior sector) and Avkt An Tapomaya Ac from Suva Sector also attended.

Rev Dadaji took their reports and gave his advice of creating lft’s and wt’s by working unitedly and collectively. Rev Dada said that one must be vigilant enough to develop proper discrimination during this phase. Rev Dadaji also said that we must all be prepared for the coming Global changes.

Rev Dadaji wholeheartedly graced to all wt’s for organizing such inspiring DMS and to make it triumphant.

Rev Dadaji and other Central Representatives will have the tour of some projects of Roma, Berlin, Prague, Stockholm and Paris region and will be back to Ananda Nagar by 21 August, 2010.

Please click this link for the highlights of DMS at Madhukaruna, Germany, 2010 and for await for further uploading.
With best wishes to all,
Ac Aniishananda Avt

A photo stream is available at