First Speech of New Rev. PP Dada

Excerpts from the inaugural address of Ac. Vishvadevananda Avadhuta on the occasion of his being elected and declared as the 3rd Purodha Pramukha of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha.

My Honorable senior and less senior Purodhas, Margi brothers, sister.
I am indeed indebted in the love you have flaunted today to me. Really, I could not imagine that I being so dwarf may be adorned to this state, this position of the organization. In fact, this is a great onus that has come on my shoulder but for this we have to create an ideal ambience, a milieu of harmony, cooperation, coordination, brotherhood… so that we can protect, preserve the treasures of Ananda Marga.

Ananda Marga belongs to all, to all Margi brothers and sisters, Purodhas, Avadhutas Acaryas, and Tattvikas…. And once Baba said that “I do not belong to heaven, I am always with you, I am yours.” Therefore the mission of Baba is to be carried forward with our zeal, great cooperation and coordination. So it is not only I. This harmonious environment can be created not by thinking as I and you but as we. So let us all work without prejudiced contentions and rights together and carry Baba’s mission ahead. The world is watching. There is chaos, confusion and anarchy nowadays according to prophecies in the economic sphere, political sphere, and in fact in every sphere. So this is the juncture where Ananda Margiis have to come forward forgetting and leaving aside all the narrow selfish sentiments.

I know only one thing that not a single grass, not a single blade of grass shifts without the grace of Baba in A M. This is my realization during this short span of time… Our realization comes through work, through service. When we work, when we plunge into the situations, realization automatically comes. And Baba as the subject is always watching us; whether we forget Him or remember Him, but Baba never forgets…. this is my personal realization. So, let us work in such a way that nothing becomes an amok {chaotic} game; it should be fruitful and an example for the humanity today.

Our hearts are open there is no doubt about it. We are not conservative. And those who have been blamed that was also a wrong type of people, thinking of the people. The administration has been going since the beginning after these struggles in the right direction and that is why there is the grace of Baba. So without the grace of Baba nothing is possible.

To me none is alien, nor I will at any point of time consider anybody alien. But within the framework of the system’s norms, accepted norms which our beloved Baba has given, be it Caryacarya , be it structural, be it codes of conduct whatever it is in the form of our ideology, our sublime philosophy …
So, I have not much to say because you are all equally elevated. What is the responsibility with us, what are the challenges before us and we can face those challenges only when we are united and this is what Baba said in the treasures of AM. So let us spread this universal love to each and every one in the light of neohumanism.

Baba is with us, Baba’s grace is always with us when we work in conformity with Baba’s structure, with Baba’s system, with Baba’s mission we shall be certainly successful and we shall establish Baba’s mission. This is my message today.

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