Pratiika (The Emblem)

The Pratiika is the emblem of Ananda Marga. It is one of its treasures. The Ananda Marga Ideology is reflected in it, a symbol with detail.

Simply, the triangle with the vertex downwards signifies Knowledge, vertex upwards signifies Action. The rising sun signifies advancement and the Swastika signifies victory. In summary, when one advances with proper knowledge and action one is destined to attain victory or perfection.

This is the symbol or Yantra of Ananda Marga, the Pratiika. Pratiika practically means emblem. The Pratiika is composed of two interconnected triangles where one points upwards and the other points downwards. This geometrical shape is also found in the Anahata Chakra and it is called the Satkona, according to the science of Tantra Yoga. In the center of the triangle is a rising sun, and in the core of the rising sun is a swastika.

The triangle pointing downwards symbolizes internal development or the effort of meditation for self-realization. The triangle pointing upwards symbolizes action in the external world. The two triangles are in perfect balance. A person must balance their internal life with service in the world in order to progress.

The rising sun indicates progress, the result of a balanced way of life. Thus the spiritual aspirant progresses towards their goal of self-realization.

This spiritual victory of self-realization is indicated by the swastika. Swastika is is a Sanskrit word that means “to have a good existence of a permament nature” or to be “ultimately happy.” It is composed of su which means “good” and asti which means “to become.”

Concluding —

The Pratiika is a symbol expressing the universal Ananda Marga Ideology of “Self-Realization and Service to Humanity”.

The upward-pointing triangle – signifies work in the world, i.e. social work.

The downward-pointing triangle – signifies inner work, i.e. meditation.

The sun – represents the results of the combination of work in the world and the effort of inner development – which is true personal, spiritual progress (and ultimately social progress too, when the collective of individuals is considered).

The swastika – signifies personal victory, in the sense of spiritual fulfillment and salvation.

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