Response to recent allegations against Sectorial Office

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Ananda Marga, Inc.
(the legal embodiment of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha, New York Sector)

July 29, 2015 – The New York Sectorial Office responds here to serious allegations that started to float around the Internet in recent days. We wish to temper the growing excitement by addressing a few points.

We proceed without naming the said individual Whole-Timer (WT). We have observed indications from numerous directions that this individual is claiming severe wrongdoing by workers from the Sectorial Office and from an officer of the legal side of the Office — SS, SOS and the Corporate Secretary of Ananda Marga in New York Sector. These claims are rebounding around in postings in email lists, and Facebook forums by third parties, sent in the name of this WT. This third-party style of communication is not the primary issue we wish to address but it should be clear that the said WT is not making his recent claims directly.

Should the WT individual genuinely wish to seek proper justice, there are avenues within Ba’ba’s organization and structure to help him respond to the alleged mistreatment.

He is not working through the proper channels for the redressal he seeks. Instead he chooses to use misinformation, misgivings, and a vulnerable audience to perpetuate his attacks as an attempt to alleviate his frustrations and grievances. Seeking justice through the Internet is a form of backbiting and a kind of a mud-fight forbidden in our conduct rules given by Rev. Ba’ba’. Such gossip most often produce more troubling complications for the complaining individuals, increase the gap of mistrust between the parties, and reduce further the likelihood of perceived fair treatment and justice. Therefore the backside approach to justice ultimately defeats its original purpose. It also disturbs the collective mind while compromising the dignity of the individual. Based on this behavior, the Sectorial Office considers that the Whole-Timer individual is not thoroughly invested into finding a solution that would allow the best for all parties. This style of complaining is what we have observed for more than a year from the WT.

In the Spring of 2014, the same WT voluntarily and unilaterally abandoned his residence at the Corona New York Jagrti. Simultaneously, he resigned from his organizational life. He acted without any notice, without a reason, and without conversation with his Sectorial and Central Supervisors.

Weeks later the Sectorial Office discovered the factual reasoning of his abandonment of the Jagrti and his duties. A Skype phone chat conversation between the SS and the Corporate Secretary was illegally hacked and recorded in the spring of 2014, and improperly and partially leaked to the affected WT. The recording (of the Skype call) was later sent to the sectorial office as an MP3 file. The audio file that the WT relied upon was not only transcribed inaccurately but it was widely distributed in a distorted manner (one party’s voice was removed from the conversation allowing the context of the remaining voice to be grossly misrepresented). The WT claimed this recording was evidence that there was an active vendetta to push him out of the Corona Jagrti.

Rather than talking to his supervisors and taking the opportunity for remediation through direct and proper discourse, he left the Jagrti on his own decision. He went further and used the Internet to seek the justice he believed he was due by making his accusations public. The news of the hack and the allegations caused harm to the good name of those he attacked, the integrity of the Sectorial Office, and of the AMPS organization in general.

No one wanted him to be removed from the Sectorial Office at any time. Following his abandonment of the Corona Jagrti office and his Sectorial posting in 2014, he was encouraged to return, and he expressed interest. Naturally, he would need to reconcile the strained relationships with AMPS, the Sectorial authorities, and, primarily, with the General Secretary, so he could enter into residence at the newly acquired Sectorial Office in Flushing. This was communicated to him on multiple occasions.

Instead of making things smooth for himself, he reacted harshly, closing down all direct communications with the Sectorial Office and the organization. He is believed to have sent his frustration and grievances through a third-party to the Margii community on the Internet, once again seeking a self-styled justice and attempting to further damage the image of the Sectorial Office, of AMPS, and of certain individuals.

We understand and sympathize with the pain he may be experiencing. We encourage that he act quickly and honestly, and take any necessary steps to seek the justice he believes he is entitled to, in a proper and gentlemanly manner according to the opportunities afforded to him earlier, now, and remaining. We trust he gained this training in his many years at our Beloved Gurudev Baba’s Feet. For instance he might file a formal complaint with an AMPS Board and demand that a tribunal be formed to address the matter, per Ananda Marga Caryacarya. We are confident that he can do this in due time should he find the reasoning for it.

“Advanced sense of responsibility is the only measuring stick of seniority in My Mission.” — Ba’ba’

Acarya Diiptimanananda Avadhuta
Sectorial Office Secretary
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Acharya Vimalananda Avadhuta
Sectorial Secretary
Tel: +1-718-898-1604

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