Special Highlights from the World – April 2010

Ananda Marga Sevadal Camp

Ananda Marga Seva dal A five days workers relief camp has been organized by AM Sevadal, Global Socio spiritual org. at its Central head Quarters Ananda Nagar in which nearly 400 whole timers, LFT and youths are attending camp. The camp was inaugurated on 19th Dec. unfurling the Marga flag by the Chief of the Camp Ac Paramananda Avadhuta while addressing the cadres he explained the purpose of the camp which renewedthe commitment to the organization, invigorates the physical and mental stamina to extend the social service activities in the society. He said that AM Sevadal has been working prominently in the society for alleviating the miseries of the people, downtrodden by all possible mean.

Ac Omkareshvarananda Avt who came from Nepal extended his experiences regarding first Aid in detail to the campers. He said the knowledge of first aid is essential while doing relief services in the remote area at the time of calamities.

Morning session was taken over by Ac Brahmabuddhyananda Avt. Who has expertise in PT, Asana, Pranayama Etc. He taught the campers the lessons in yoga to keep up Physical, mental and spiritual well-being he also taught tandava nitya which helps to cure the physical ailment relating kidney, lever, heart pancreas etc, it helps in invigorating the whole body at the same time reduces mental repression and increases confidence and will force in a men.

Ac Randhir Ji (family Acarya)who came from Saharsa shared his experiences with the campers, he explained how the preceptor of mission took pains to spread the organization, He created missionaries out of love and strict discipline, He said complete surrender, unconditional commitments and unwavering discipling are essential for cadre for social service.

One of the most senior family Acarya Sujiit Kumar while talking a topic “mission and missionary” said mission is that which is based on supreme ideology and lead a man towards supreme fulfillment. He said Parama Brahma or supreme conscious takes form of Human beings at his won will at the time of transition or juncture. Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti jii the third Maha sambhuti who gave an all impressive ideology for the humanity Called Ananda Marga it is based on theme of self liberation through spiritual practices and selfless service to humanity. He also said that the so called other organization are not mission. because they don’t have any ideology. He further explained that Ananda Marga Sevadal is meant for extending social activities to the needy, providing social security, safeguarding the law and order, creating job opportunity for youth, literacy, awareness campaign and finally establishing the progressive exploitation free society.

During the camp various types of compititations took place. like Cricket, volleyball, badminton, oratory, quiz computation etc. Cadres were also given special training in driving skills in two wheeler, 4 wheeler, swimming, Firefighting, acupuncture, Acuppresser.

Ac Nabhatitananda Avadhuta adds while addressing the youth emphasized on following the principals of Yama Niyama, The code of Moral principle to awaking the inner moral and spiritual force which can drive out the negative mental tendency from within and help fighting with the external negative forces in the society. and all arrangement has been done for the final ceremonial parade.

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