The TRUTHS of the Cooperation ERA in NY Sector (2006-2009) – July 27, 2009

Editor’s note: To better understand the context of the letter presented below, here is brief background on the subject —

In July 2009, Acarya Vimalananda Avadhuta, Sectorial Secretary, decided to conduct the Review, Defect, Solution Meeting [July Sectorial RDS] for all NY Sector wholetimer workers, at Ananda Kanan according to the proper AMPS RDS system. In reaction, those individuals, who would not be expected to attend due to their rebelious stand towards AMPS Center, declared that Dada Vimalananda was breaking the Cooperation that had been in practice for more than three years. In response to that claim of “breaking the Cooperation”, Dada Vimalananda outlined many of the details of the so-called Cooperation era, their costs, and the unilateral controls placed by the rebelious group of Wholetimers so the historial record would be known to all.


Date: July 27, 2009

The TRUTHS of the so-called Cooperation ERA in the NY Sector during the period March 01, 2006 to July 6, 2009.

1. Sectorial Food and Care Fund support was granted only to the followers of Ac. Tiirthananda Avt. None of the sick Acaryas under the umbrella of AMPS Central received any support despite repeated requests during Sectorial RDS’s. This was not Cooperation.

2. The collectively established immigration committee was unilaterally dismantled two years ago. The visa sponsor requests for those workers posted by AMPS Central have been turned away by the Sectorial Office in the past three years. These denials of cooperation took place while a number of workers belonging to other sectors who were not posted by AMPS Central had been sponsored to come to NY Sector for the sake of supporting the rogue Sectorial administration. In fact, so many field workers, intimidated by the rogue Sectorial Office through its use of its legal controls, were not attending the authorized RDS conducted by myself. We must remember the fact that such practices hamper the cause of AM in the end. This was not Cooperation.

3. Ac. Shankarananda Avt. personally accomplished the eviction of non-paying rentors from the Corona NY Sectorial Office two years ago. This saved eviction costs and allowed thousands of dollars of annual rental income to resume. Yet Dada was forced to pay a fee for his stay there. Dada also liberated the Haiti school from unwanted criminals and drug traffickers occupying the residential facilities there. Ac. Mokshesvarananda Avt. and Ac. Gopalkrsnananda Avt. no longer had to tolerate the abuse of unwanted guests in the Haiti school. Yet Dada Shankarananda is treated as an unwanted person. Recently, they called him an LFT of Ac. Mokshesvarananda Avt. at Ananda Kanan because he was distributing leaflets to invite margiis to attend the upcoming WRC. Such disrespect for a sacrificing senior Sanyassin, who is helpful in all regards, is intolerable. This was not Cooperation.

4. Many Sectorial Executive Committee workers have remained silent amid the threats by Ac. Tiirthananda Avt. and his cohorts on many occasions during earlier SRDS’s. These same SEC members were excluded unilaterally from most of the SEC planning meetings. This was not Cooperation.

5. Accordingly, a year ago we decided not to participate in the Core group meetings as it had degenerated to a mere political tool for a rebellious so-called Sectorial administration. We recall how this body had been instrumental and remained silent on the unauthorized changes made to the bylaws of AM Inc., which started the real divide in the Sector. Still we participated in the ACB Core group meeting at the beginning of the summer retreat in 2008 at the invitation of some respectful margiis. In the said meeting, we made a clear case of how by sharing information we could have worked better in the sector. Accordingly, in all sincerity, Ac. Mokshesvarananda Avt. tried to summarize a few points whereby NYSOS was required to function truly in a neutral manner and be cooperative to SS, Ac. Vimalananda Avt. The identified areas were:

(a) Administrative
(b) Financial
(c) Legal / Immigration
(d) Govt. Communications
(e) Workers Tour Programs
(f) Weekly and Sectorial RDS consolidate Reports
(g) Sharing the notes from all meetings
(h) Providing space to SS Dada in NYSO

Ac. Cirasmita ji and Tattvika Devanis’t’ha’ ji tried to summarize and create documents for parties to sign in agreement. Our workers started signing but Tiirthananda group declined to sign one by one when turn came as per their seating positions.

As a result, the spirit of cooperation was badly affected and the situation deteriorated even further.

6. The rebellious Sectorial administration, led by Ac. Tiirthananda Avt. has been trying to develop their own system to replace the one given by Baba, which is an act of validating indiscipline. It has finally started eroding the very spirit of AM in the US, and its degenerating effect spreading globally. This is not Cooperation.

7. Three and a half year of torture in the name of cooperation has finally ended with them keeping away from the SRDS on their own after the announcement by the SS Ac. Vimalananda Avt. to conduct SRDS strictly as per Baba’s system. Not participating in Sectorial RDS is not Cooperation.

8. With the previous experience of non-cooperation in the charge hand over from workers who have been reposted or transferred from New York Sector and have retained their duties hampering the regular functioning of the organization in New York Sector. Note, in comparison to the 46 bona-fide workers in New York Sector, there is almost an equal number of rogue workers [not assigned here by AMPS Central] roaming around New York Sector depleting the workers resources of their respective Sectors with encouragement from Ac. Tiirthananda Avt. This is not Cooperation.

9. After over three years of adjustments in order to help and participate in growth and development of AM and maintain the essential integrity, we noticed that the very ideological spirit and image of AM has deteriorated and degraded in the sector with a fermenting-effect globally. It was then that the AMPS Central Office decided to replace the Office Secretary Ac. Rainjitananda Avt. with Acarya Divyalokeshananda Avadhuta. Acarya Rainjitananda Avadhuta has been ordered by the GS to report to Central Authorities at Ananda Marga Central Headquarters at Ranchi. In the letter circulated by the so-called ACB there is no mention of this transfer rather there is clear defiance. The fact, that Ac. Tiirthananda Avt. has already been transferred from NY Sector as SS and replaced by Ac. Vimalananda Avt. three years prior has been suppressed and misrepresented although it is a known fact to most WTs and Margiis in the sector. This is not Cooperation.

10. ACB Core group suddenly has become the Sectorial ACB (an unofficial entity renamed to, or replaced by, an unofficial entity), one other political gimmick to confuse margiis and workers. This is not Cooperation.

11. Ac. Tiirthananda Avt. and Ac. Rainjitananda Avt. are issuing posting orders to WTs when they are not authorized to do so. It is been the responsibility of the Establishment Committee of AMPS Central consisting of the General Secretary, Central Office Secretary, General Training Secretary, and Personal Assistant (to Purodha Pramukha Dada). No other is authorized to post any worker anywhere nor can anyone else change existing postings. This is Revered Baba’s system. This is not Cooperation.

12. The relationship of ACB Boards in respect to SEC (Sectorial Executive Committee) is a subordinate one. It means that deliberations taken by the ACB Boards have to be validated by SS (and the SEC if necessary). The same subordinated relationship the SEC has in relation to the Central Executive Committee. As such, the functioning of Ananda Marga organization depends on a well-tuned communication between Sector and Central originally planned by Baba. Here the so-called Sectorial ACB has taken on the right to discuss and determine matters of posting of workers that is beyond their jurisdiction. Such a body should be restricted to advisement, to discuss Sectorial matters only, its original mandate. An ACB has no authority to influence or manipulate decisions and orders of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha (Central). This is not Cooperation.

The importance of keeping structural solidarity among workers of Ananda Marga and among margiis is paramount for preserving the integrity of Ananda Marga mission. Those workers who do not respect the orders received from the structural head are undermining the welfare of the mission even if their rhetoric may portray them as saviors and heroes.

It becomes evident that the so-called ACB, as stated in the unauthorized letter, is a pure farce and serves no other purpose but to confuse and misguide the Marga community. The letter may refer to an Era of Cooperation that just ended. With proper reflection, understanding the points mentioned above, you can understant that there truly was no cooperation, in the real, caring kind. What has ended is an Era of Static Peace, where everything may appear to be fine on the surface, but real problems, imbalance and confusion lay under the thin veil of pretend.

This goes for your further information,

At His Lotus Feet,

Ac. Vimalananda Avt.
SS NY Sector.

AMPS NY Sector
Camp HQs:
5799 Brinkwater Blvd.
Hilliard, OH 43026 USA