World Good News – December – 2010

Dear Brothers/Sisters, Namaskar
Wrds started with a very cool breezing wave of cold in our AMPS,
Camp Headquarters, Ranchi. Sectorial Secretaries from all nine sectors
and their respective representatives have reported on 20th December,
2010. On 21st morning, Wrds started its schedule as usual with Good
news section which is displayed below:

NY Sector
Good news
Atlanta Region
Ac. Rudraprakashananda Avt. toured Atlanta region in a bid to revive
old units. In Miami he gave meditation classes and yoga classes were
attended by over 50 people. After the class, 9 people took initiation.
Many sisters are waiting for Didi’s visit to get initiation. They also
had outing by the sea for collective meditation. Now the Miami unit is
becoming active under Dada’s supervision.
Dada Rudraprakashananda is also RAWA secretary and while in Miami, he
conducted several Prabhat Samgiita and akhanda kiirtan programs in
addition to Dharmacakra. Dada Rudraprakashananda was touring Florida
giving a series of lectures in Miami and participating to two talk

Dada Vimalananda visited Boston region and he was joined in Dharama
Cakra by Acarya (Dr.) Danjoo Ghista ji who just returned from India
after attending August WRDS in Ananda Nagar. Acarya Dhanjoo Ghista is
very active in organizing the activities of Gurukula asVice
Chancellor. Inspired Margiis of Boston region arranged for one new
In New York a spiritual evening was organized by Dr. Pinjani among his
friends who happen to be top level physicians, surgeons and other
professionals. Seven among them took initiation and some of the
remaining will be initiated during the next visit.
Dr. Pinjani was also helpful in raising funds for the Ananda Palli
school in Bihar in the month of April with a total of $22,000.

In New York, SES – NY addressed a gathering of Hindu devotees hosted
by a local temple. They donated $5,000 dollars for the Ananda Marga
school in Trivendrum.

Acarya Shambhusivananda , current Chancellor of Gurukula, visited new
York Sector from August 21 to September 5 gracing with his presence
the camp sectorial office in Columbus, Ohio. He inspired sectorial
executive committee members and local Margiis during the visit. Dadaji
also created some new Margiis and opened up pracar opportunities in
New York, Toronto, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, San Francisco and and
Asheville. In Asheville, he visited senior members of Gurukula where
he discussed future developments. He encouraged local Margiis
interested in PROUT to start a project in Asheville.

5000 Ananda Marga brochures were printed to be used in pracar efforts
by the units and acaryas of New York Sector. The brochures carry a
section dedicated to the Departments of Ananda Marga in addition to
the two already existing sections on self-realization and service to
humanity. Copies are available from the sectorial office in Columbus
or Dada Dharmapremananda.

Dallas Region
University Praca’r in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex area: FSPU, A’c.
Advaya’nanda Avt. is teaching free Yoga-Meditation/Stress
Management/Social Responsibility classes in conjunction with
Yoga-Meditation Clubs of 4 universities/community colleges originally
started by CSPU, A’c. Shubhacetana’nanda Avt. These are: University of
Texas(Arlington), University of Texas(Dallas), Richland College, and
Brookhaven College. Classes are weekly, free and offered as a service
to the school and the larger community. The sessions are open to all
regardless of age or affiliation with the schools. Faculty,
administrative staff, students and even the public attend and benefit
from the classes.
In September, the Walk To Help event was conducted to raise funds to
build a hospital in Varanasi, India to serve the poor people in that
area. Some of the participants in our yoga classes volunteered to help
make the event a success. Over 150 people participated in the event,
braving the rain, participating in an event that raised US$ 25,000.
The local Bhojpuri weekly online news paper and Bihar times promoted
the event.

Diipa’valii Events: CSPU A’c. Shubhacetana’nanda Avt. and FSPU A’c.
Advaya’nanda Avt. were invited by the President of the Hindu Student
Council (HSC) of the University of Texas-Arlington (UTA), who is also
an active member and officer of the UTA Universal Yoga-Meditation
Club, as some of the main guests to initiate the “Diwali” Festival of
Lights) annual celebration at the university. They were the first to
address the crowd of hundreds in a large hall of UTA faculty, staff,
students, families and other guests. They introduced Prabha’t Sam’giit
and sang His composition for this special occasion, “Diipa’valii”, and
read out it’s sublime meaning in English.
After that, they met many professors, Ph.D students, administrative
staff and their families. FSPU also participated in the Dallas Diwali
mega-celebration held this year at the famous Cotton Bowl, with an
estimated 75,000 attendees. Many contacts were made at the event
resulting in good follow-up meetings for praca’r and service.

University Praca’r: Yoga/Meditation classes are ongoing weekly under
the auspices of Yoga-Meditation Clubs at several universities and
colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area. These are attended
by undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff, who
appreciate the free classes which help them relax and de-stress while
also learning the practice of meditation. In addition, they learn
Yoga philosophy integrated with a discussion of service and social
justice as well as alternatives to current socio-economic models. At
UTA, we are pleased to have graduate/Ph.D students regularly in our
classes, who are benefitting from knowledge and practice of our
spiritual and social philosophy.
Other/CWE(Contacts With Elites): Many contacts and smaller daily
meetings with professionals, academic, business and community leaders,
with our literature presented to them.
Our Jagrti is progressively undergoing renovation and facelift with
help from a sympathizer repairman, who enjoys the quiet and subtle
vibration and atmosphere of our place!

Denver Region
Dada Vimalanandaji went on a five day pracar trip to Arizona where he
followed up on ten old margiis and initiated three new ones. Inspiring
talks and satsaunga sharing took place at the weekly Dharma Cakra.
Dada Dharmapremanandaji, SES, and Dada Shankaranandaji toured Omaha,
inspiring sadhakas in various cities. They also inspired large
gatherings at various places in Dallas on their way to Mexico.

At the Anada Girishiila Master unit, two cabins have been constructed
and two tipis are also in place. A water well, electricity and other
facilities have been completed for accomodating residential spiritual
The Denver region seminar was held succesfully with an attendance of
16 mostly from Denver. SES, Ac. Dharmapremananda Avt. was able to
secure his office in Denver after a considerable effort and some
involvement of police in overcoming opposition offered by intruders.

Los Angeles Region
San Francisco
Ac. Jiivapremananda Avt. participated in a new people’s meditation
program hosted by Dr. Inderika Sachins held during the month of
November. Dr. Sachins set an environment of music for the enlightened
soul which makes a perfect blend for peace within.

In Cupertino, Ac. Jiivapremananda Avt., AMURT Seva Dal Director-NY
Sector, met with the Telugu, Tamil and Kannada Association. He
inspired them at a meeting in a park at Mary and Stevenson Creek Blvd.
More than two dozen attended.
Dada Jiivapremanandaji met Dr. Pannu Dental care, cosmetic & family
Dentistry. Inspired by Dadaji, the doctor told his clients to meet
Dadaji to learn stress relaxation meditation techniques. There is a
host of dentists who were inspired to come to a chanting session in
Los Altos Hills.
On Amavasya day, Dada Jiivapremanadaji, in pitch darkness, sat for
mid-night meditaition above the Los Altos Hills jagrti. After
mid-night puja, Dadaji realized a mountain lion had been breathing and
hissing before him. This is the 3rd time he had such an experience.
The Lord takes care in mysterious ways. The next night the mountain
lion killed a deer right outside the jagrti.
The Margiis were sad to see the dead deer as deer likes to come stare
at them when they do akhanda kiirtan. Sanjay arranged for the disposal
after doing a simple shraddha ceremony.

Ottawa Region
Margiis are in the process of forming a Bhukti Committee with Bro.
Anshev as the Bhukti Pradhan of Ottawa Bhukti. They recently published
their first newsletter in English and French and are organizing pracar
activities for the coming month.
Dada Dayashiilananda has been visiting Montreal in an effort to
establish his Diocese Office. He has been successfully farming at
Ananda Kanak Master Unit near Ottawa. Some of his harvested potatoes
weighted up to 2 kg each. Large amounts of tomatoes, beans, gourds,
carrots and other vegetables have been harvested and distributed among
the neighbors.
He recently organized a very successful seminar in the Master Unit
with 30 Margiis attending. His presence in the French speaking area of
Quebec promises great advancements in the pracar in that area. Dada
also holds an engineering background that gives him access to academic
institutions for pracar efforts.
Sectoral GV Sec. Avtka Ananda Rupadhara Ac. has established her
sectorial GV office in Ottawa initiating dozens of sisters. With the
help of th Bhukti Pradhan and existing Margiis, the Ottawa unit now
has regular Dharma Cakra with 11 Margiis attending. Acarya
Parinirvananda Avadhuta is busy in Toronto creating new Margiis by
organizing seminars and satsang with the help of sympathizers.

Ananda Kanak Master unit produced 100 kg of tomatoes, 50 kg of carots,
80 kg of string beans and plenty other vegetables through the effort
of DS Montreal Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt.
Ac. Shubhacetanananda Avt. went to Toronto for a seminar as the
trainer with Dada Shankaranandaji on Thursday October 21. Dada
Parinirvanandaji organized the very successful seminar on October 22,
23 and 24 through the help of a sympathizer which was held in
Brampton, Ontario.
47 people attended including 7 acaryas: Ac. Parinirvananda Avt. , Ac.
Savitananda Avt., Ac. Shubhacetananda Avt., Ac. Shankarananda Avt.,
Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt., Avtk. Rupadhara Ac., and Avtk. Hitesana Ac.
The topics discussed during the seminar were ‘Bhakti, Mukti and
Paramapurusa’, ‘Dhruva and Adhruva’, ‘Water Conservation’ and ‘Prout’.
30 people attended the seminar. 10 people received initiation from the
Aca’rya’s of Ananda Marga. 200 people received mass initiation. More
people are still waiting to receive initiation.
Tattva Sabha was organized in four places. Seminar started with three
hours Kiirtan on Friday, which created spiritual vibration. On
Saturday morning and evening three hours kiirtan was held and again
three hours kiirtan was held on Sunday morning.
Sister Punya’ and Ganeshji provided lodging and food to Dadas, Didis,
Margiis and attendees with the support of community members. Dada
Parinirvananadaji did very good work in the different communities of
Toronto. Dharma Cakra is regular at Mehool Deo and Sujata’s house, who
just moved recently from the Middle East with their children.

The local Bhukti Pradhana organized a two day pracar seminar which was
attended by 25 Margiis.
Ac. Vimalananda Avt. Presented talks on thought provoking topics based
on Ananda Marga’s social philosophy. The discussed topics were:
1. The Emerging New world Order, Challenges and Opportunities for
Humanity, No Ideology or New Ideology.
2. The Future of Economy: End of Capitalism and the Age of Economic Democracy.

Three new websites have been created in order to give more exposure to
the activities in Ottawa Region and particularly for the master unit.
Two are in French: and and one in English where a preliminary project for the
development of the master unit is published.
Near Papineauville, a college accepted a donation of books during a
recent visit to their campus by three acaryas together with Dada
Vimalananda Avt. Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. translated and circulated to
margiis the seminar topics in French from the original English.

Didi Avtk. Ananda Rupadhara Ac. is in the process of relocating her
office in Ottawa. Dada Dayashiilananda is preparing for the long
winter, making contacts in the local community of St. Andre’ and
initiating new Margiis visiting the master unit from Montreal. In the
Polytechnic of Montreal, there was a visit to the student club where
there was interest in starting a meditation and yoga class. Two
brothers have been initiated recently in Montreal who are starting a
meditation circle there.

Ac. Dayashiilananda Avt. has been spending time in Montreal in
December giving initiations and helping develop the unit. He was
introduced to a devotee of Swami Vishnudevananda who was very happy to
hear the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra. He loves music and he is a good
singer of devotional songs. He is willing to visit the Ananda Kanak
master unit on week ends with some of his friends.
One of the new initiates (Akhil Kumar) — a sociologist and journalist
— is going to help publish some articles of Baba’s philosophy in the
newspaper. Dadaji gave him a copy of Neo-humanism: Liberation of
Intelect. Most of Dada’s new initiates belong to esoteric schools such
as the Rosucrician Order or Free Mason. But they appreciate the
uniqueness of Ananda Marga meditation techniques.
In Montreal Dadaji met many people who expressed their love for the
orange colour of his uniform. Actually, in this cold season when the
colours of people’s clothes are all the same, our orange uniform
captures the attention of the public very easily.

On December 13 Avtk. Ananda Rupadhara Aca. and Dada Dayashiilanandaji
went to the University of Ottawa. They met people in the Departments
of Sports and Health in order to arrange yoga and meditation classes
for the students and staff.
Though they were well received, they were not able to arrange the
classses as another yoga teacher was conducting classes there already.
Despite this they will continue making efforts to find a space to hold
classes at the university.

Monterrey Region
Dada Vimalananda was welcomed by Margiis in Monterrey on his arrival
at the airport and he has set the pace for a very successful gathering
at the seminar and national retreat on September 16 to 19. Dharma
Cakra was packed full with Margiis who were attracted and inspired by
Dadaji’s Baba’s stories and personal accounts. Dada Cirananda, Didi
Ananda Hitaesana and Dada Vimaleshananda were also present and active
in organizing the seminar and the tour of Dadaji.
The first unit touched on the tour was Guadalajara where Dadaji
delivered a lecture on Yoga and three successive lectures on
Neo-Humanism in a technical preparatory school recognized as the
bestin Mexico. There were around 350 students in three groups,
including professors, and all were attentive during the lectures.
Several questions reflected an interest in sannyasi life and its ways.
The director of the school asked specifically how the students can
cope with the stress of their exams.There was a live telecast
followedby a visit to some renowned local placesresembling the visit
done by Mexican President Alvaro Calderon to thesame school one year
In Morelia Dadaji received an even warmer welcome. Dharma Cakra was
attended by new people that were inspired to participate to the coming
seminar in Monterrey. The program inMorelia included a TV interview
and also lectures in three different places where the topics of
Meditation, Science andMicrovita and a practical introductionto
meditation were offered with great interest and participation.
In The Institute of Science, the lecture was included in an annual
program that brings speakers from allover the world to speak on
scientific subjects. Dada Vimalananda presented a new paradigm of
science for the future generation that ignited lots of questions and
interest in the audience. An honorary diploma was given to Dada
Vimalananda at the end of the lecture. Dada Shantatmanda and Dada
Cirananda were also present together along with several local Margiis.
Dada Vimaleshananda was able to sell several Spanish publications of
Ananda Marga. He has been concentrating on organizing the Ananda Marga
Publications Department and printing new titles that will be available
DPS and AMURT Secretary, Acarya Cirananda Avadhuta, has been working
in Monterrey and other parts of Mexico for one year organizing several
relief activities benefiting disabled people. He was busy during the
past month when the hurricane hit Monterrey.
Margiis are very inspired and are actively participating in organizing
activities. A record number of 150 Margiis are expected to participate
in the coming seminar. Honoring Baba’s mandate, Dada Cirananda
requested permission to hold the seminar at the Didi’s Master Unit in
Allende. Permission was granted by Central WWS Avkta Abhisambuddha Ac.
SWWD Sec. Avtka Ananda Hitaesana Ac. is assisting Dada Cirananda in
organizing the seminar. She has been touring the USA in the last month
and is now assisting sisters in Monterrey with their spiritual

Mexico Region
Dada Shantatmananda arrived in Cuernavaca 15 years after he
established the jagrti there. He has been given an additional duty of
RS Mexico and his presence there has stabilized the units. He has also
initiated several Margiis and inspired some of the old ones that were
initiated long before.

Recently Ac. Shantatmananda Avt. has been given additional
responsibilities of Mexico City Regional Secretary. His headquarters
will be at Cuernavaca, not far from Mexico City.

Ac. Cirananda Avt. had a program in one of the retirement homes of
Monterrey. 35 people attended the program. Brother Mahesh gave a nice
Tai Chi class to all those who attended.
After the class, Dada gave a speech about kiirtan and they all learned
BABA NAM KEVALM. They learned from Dada how important kiirtan is for
our spiritual progress.
After the speech they all showed their appreciation and then the
director of the retirement home took them for a radio interview. At
the radio station they were interviewed about the yoga and meditation
practices of Ananda Marga in both English and Spanish.

Ac. Vimalananda Avt. visited Mexico in the end of November. Programs
were organised by local margiis under guidence of Ac. Cirananda Avt.
We had three successful programs in and around Cuernavaca city in
Morelos state, in neighboring Mexico city, at the state University and
at the alternative groups center.
100 people learned Ananda Marga philosophy of life and practiced more
than 10 minutes of meditation which was introduced to them. Three
brothers later came for initiation. More pracar programs are lined up
for the following months.
A short RDS was conducted in Cuernavaca Jagrti on Nov. 24-26 with
attendence of four Acaryas who are working in the country.
Ac. Ragatmananda Avt., RS Seattle, has been in Mexico as a guest
worker and has been doing pracar activites almost on a daily basis and
even giving uplifting musical performances on SITAR for people of all
ages in public places. It has been drawing appreciation for Ananda
Marga and attracting people by the hundreds every week.
Ac. Shantatmananda Avt., (LFT trainer Dada), is now back from India
and is staying in Cuernavaca at the Ananda Marga jagrti. He initially
arranged for the purchase of this peroperty and offred it to Baba in
late 1980’s. Dadaji is in the process of starting a brothers LFT
training program there.

The Ananda Marga Seminar and National Conference held September 16th
through the 19th in Allende Nuevo Leon, enjoyed record attendance of
close to 100 margiis and acaryas. Participants came from many
different parts of Mexico. Many acaryas attended, including Ac.
Vimalananda Avt., our Sectorial Secretary, and Avtk. Ananda Hitaesana
Ac., Sectorial Womens Welfare Department Secretary.

During the four day program, the three seminar classes on the topics
of “Permanent and Impermanent”, “Liberation , Salvation and Supreme
Consciousness”, and “Water Conservation” brought an exhaustive
dissertation of spiritual and social philosophy of Ananda Marga. The
third program on water conservation raised many questions and comments
making the class extremely lively and practical.

The seminar was held at Ananda Maya Duhita, the spiritual name for
this beautiful rural project of Ananda Marga. The Margiis worked hard
arranging the facilities to accommodate the large gathering. The dance
competitions contributed to the high atmosphere of the retreat. Sister
Vanii won the first prize in the Kaoshiki competition while brother
Manovendra prevailed in the Tandava competition for brothers.
Soon after this, the 12 hour Akhanda Kiirtan began. All the
participants hardly left the hall during the whole time, even for
New people who attended were inspired and planned to continue their
spiritual practices at home. They also said they would like to help
bring their inspiration to more students as well as the general
Here an excerpt of the class on water conservation by Acarya
Vimalananda Avadhuta: “Life is a collective reality. Life is not
possible alone. There is always the need of a society. Life is
produced by a society. It is maintained and conserved in society. But
there are two kinds of living beings. Humans and non-humans. Among the
non humans there are again two types. Plants and animals. Plants are
not animals, also animals are not plants. Animals are not human beings
and human beings are not animals. Even though we know that the
ancestors of human beings were the apes, if you go to someone and call
him a monkey, he will feel offended. This does not happen in the
animal kingdom. If you call a monkey a donkey, he will not react. Why
is it like that? …. ” (The class has been recorded and will be made
available soon.)

Panama Region
Dada Shantatmanandaji arrived in Guatemala in March 2010. In the past
six months, he held ten conferences which resulted in over a dozen
initiations, including some by Didi Ananda Mamata. Dada also toured
San Salvador.
The Jagriti building in Gualtemala has now been restored and regular
dharma cakra has been established with 10-25 margiis attending on a
regular basis.
At the Sectorial Master Unit in Guatemala, Ananda Maya, development
work is underway and more is being planned. A retreat in July
attracted more than 25 Margiis.
Our school, which has been running for the past 20 years, has gained
high praise in the city. More than 5 thousand people gathered for the
funeral services of sister Sita, the acting principal, who passed away
recently. Dadaji Shantatmananda’s presence helped all.

The students and teachers at the Ananda Marga School in Nicaragua are
organizing a party to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Dada
Vishnupremananda in the school. The students will perform traditional
dances and there will be a food competition. They are also planning a
field trip for all the students to the ruins of Leon. During September
they had an Independence Day celebration.
Dada Shantatmananda was in Cuernavaca where he activated the jagrti
giving a total of 12 initiations. He also attended the sectorial
Several seminars has been given in new places in Guatemala and Mexico
both on Prout and meditation or bio-psychology. Ten days seminar was
conducted by Dada Pranesh in Cuba. Studies circles has been started in
several universities.

Ottawa Region
Community forum in Saint-André-Avellin
On November 13, the municipality of Saint-André-Avellin held a forum
to discuss the area’s development for the next ten years. All
residents in the community were invited. There were almost 80 people
present at the forum. The themes addressed were the following:
– Revitalization in general
– Revitalization — parks
– Economic development — local products
– Economic development — tourism
– Development in general
– Culture
– Local identity
– Environment
– Proximity services
Workshops were set up to discuss these items. Ac. Dayashiilananda
Avt., DS Montreal, attended one of the workshops which dealth with
Culture and Tourism. During this workshop one of the participant
suggest that the Jagrti at the Ananda Kanak master unit land be
considered as an element of the cultural and touristic patrimony of
Saint-André-Avellin. Everybody agreed with his suggestion. In order to
facilitate the visibility of our place, the person in charge of the
municipality’s new website offered to post any information about
Ananda Kanak. Also, a woman in charge of the municipal library invited
Dada Dayashiilananda visit regularly. The forum proved to be a good
opportunity for Ananda Marga to be involved in the local community.
A new well for drinking water
A new ten foot deep well has been dug at the master unit. Sister
Gaunga is going to assist financially for the remaining work which
will include digging of the trench for a pipe connecting the well to
the house, purchase of the pipe, etc. Once the new well is ready we
will have better quality water with no risk of contamination.

Master Unit OTTAWA
Ananda Kanak Master Unit
by Ac. Vimaleshananda Avt., PRS NY Sector

It had been a long time since I had heard that sound. I closed my eyes
and as soon as I started meditation in Ananda Kanak Master Unit near
Ottawa – Canada, that sound, which is so special and so subtle, came
to me. The sound of silence, the sound of space and nothing else, a
gentle humming that deadens the ears and covers any inner sound.

Dada Dayashiilananda wakes up before 5 am and starts his long
meditation. He sits like a statue and enjoys his meditation until 9
am. After finishing his morning practices, he usually eats some fruit
for breakfast.

Looking at the fruits of his work in the garden outside, it becomes
evident that he is in tune with the nature of this sacred and pure
place. When I look around I can see giant tomatoes, giant squashes and
everything else from leaves to sunflower crowns. Dada humbly credits
all this to the bountiful land created by a very rich soil. But he is
the first one I have seen who has been able to produce a harvest on
this same ground, by the grace of God, which ranges from okra to
rhubarb and potatoes, of course, king size potatoes and carrots.

Is the magic limited to the garden? Of course not. The whole
atmosphere vibrates with happiness when Dada sings Kiirtan with
characteristic African tunes from Congo. He sings with a powerful
sweet voice drenched with devotional feeling.

He spends a few hours in the garden, caring little or nothing about
the rain, collecting tomatoes in an upside down umbrella and enjoying
the solitude of the vast land.

For those who are internet hungry and tv thirsty, life at Ananda Kanak
can be difficult. There is no cable tv, no high speed internet,
nothing to engage the mind besides the ultimate enjoyement that real
sages know how to harvest.

I wanted to see the surrounding community around Saint Andre’ Avellin.
So I ventured out with Dada’s bike, trying to find new keys for the
guitar and a cable for the bike. The bike repair shop opens at 7:30 in
the evening. So I called the owner of a nearby tool rental shop and he
fixed the seat of the bike with ease and sent me on my way with a

The community is French speaking but English is also known and used.
They were happy that I tried to speak with them in their language and
they tried to help me out where they could.

At 7:30pm, the bike repair shop of Luc Fortier lights up and welcomes
Dada’s bike. Luc works with black rubber gloves, like a surgeon, and
the room contains all the necessary tools hanging neatly on three
walls of the shop. He fixed the front gear cable for a modest charge,
making no inquiries about my orange robe or the purpose of my visit. A
bike is a bike and a biker is a biker, pretty straightforward.

There is a bike path which starts behind a house in downtown Saint
Andre’. As I looked around for it, a lady came out on the porch and
indicated where the head of the trail was. I followed the trail along
the creek by a circle of round shaped huge stones that looked like big
animal eggs.

The cows have a thick coat of hair as it is cold here with winter
approaching soon. I really enjoyed biking in midst of all the natural
beauty and after 8 km I found myself back on the Rang St. Louis road,
close to the master unit.

Later, talking with Dada, he explained how the community needs psycho
spiritual expansion through yoga and meditation. This is what he is
offering, although it is hard for the local people to understand why
it is free of charge.

Soon it will be snowing and Dada will not be able to use the bike
anymore. The natural solitude of Ananda Kanak will once more become a
jewel case of God.

It is so strange that this most precious jewel of humanity does not
cost anything to see and it is there, available, all year round, in a
place that you can reach easily by car in less than an hour from

When I arrived by bus, I was met at the bus station by Dada
Parinirvanananda, Master Unit secretary and long standing resident in
Canada for more than ten years. He drove me to the master unit where
he spends most of his time taking care of the financial matters and
overall logistics of the master unit.

Dada Vimalananda, Sectorial Secretary, asked me to develop a project
for Ananda Kanak. I had been thinking of something based on an
intellectual concept. But truly, there is nothing to plan. You have to
just … be there. Your inner source will guide you and you will be
able to fulfill your spiritual desires.

As long as I am here, I will continue to hear the humming of the sound
of silence, in the beauty of nature, in the lap of God.

About Ananda Kanak Master Unit:
Address: Rang St. Louis 323, St. Andre’ Avellin, Quebec J0V1W0,
Canada, Tel. +1-819-983-7389.

Around 25 years ago Dada Shantatmananda arranged the acquisition of
the land of the master unit with the help of some sympathizers. Baba
gave the name Ananda Kanak that means “Golden Bliss”. The land is 85
acres subdivided in three areas: residential, farming and forest land
starting by the creek. An open well supllies water for irrigation and
domestic needs.

There is only one two storey wooden house that is over 150 years old
where Dada resides. Municipal law regulates the maintainance of those
few historical buildings in this area. Recently with the help of some
Margi simpathizers and Dada Parinirvananda’s efforts, the mortgage has
been payed off giving further possibilities for the development of the

Produce of this year:
Potaoes: 25 Kgs, Tomatoes: 100 Kg, French Beans: 50 Kgs, Gourds and
pumpkins: 200Kgs, Carrots: 100Kgs, Maize corn: 25 Kgs, Cilantro
leaves, Spinach, Chilies and Paprika. All margiis, sympathizers and
neighbors thankfully enjoyed the tasty organic garden fresh produce of
Ananda Kanak throughout the summer. Dadas are now busy with the last
batch of the produce as they prepare for onset of fall.

Berlin Region
Dada Krpamayananda
Douche Bank, Opel and IBM was contacted (lecture for
stress-management). i got reply and 5 pilot seminar are going to
happen nest year, two table talk, and 3 Akhanda Kiiratan.

Dada also Visited Finland 3 table talk and Board meeting. 6 initiations.

Bucharest Region
Dada Rasatmakananda
On 19 November 2010, six of the AMURT Romania’s project for homeless
youth, successfully completed the exam of ASSD’s vocational training
in construction and renovation. This training provides them with a
certificate which is valid in all EU countries.

In AMURT Romania’s anual preformance report for 2010, out of 18
beneficiaries, 14 have completed the program. The dropout rate has
been exceptionally low, which is a real success for this type of
program that typically experiences a 60% dropout rate.

General comment about the project of AMURT Romania: “….. while it is
not a ‘typical’ Ananda Marga project of a children’s home – is in fact
serving many new beneficiaries that are very neglected by the Romanian
society – helping young men to make a courageous step to leave
homeless life on the streets and become a responsible, active citizen
with a job and a rent. It is a huge task – and one that very few other
NGOs are taking on, because it is so difficult – and they have been
having a much higher success rate than other projects, as usually such
young people drop out of the program without completing it”.
AMURT Romania’s home page: and service page:
Gibraltar Region
Dada Tiirtadevananda
There was a seminar in Las palmas, Gran Canaries , participated around
50 person.(29th to 31st Oct.)
Initiation 4.
In Madrid there are regular meditation and asanas classes 6 days a
week at Jagrti.
Sadhana Shivir 3hours was held every second week on Saturdays.
Diipavali celebration with 3 hours Sadhana Shivir.

London Region
Dada Jytotirupananda
Regional Seminar for Mahaprayan, near Darlington, UK. About 30 people
attended. There were presentations on Prout, AMURT and spiritual
New people’s weekend seminar in New Market, UK. Attended by 22 people.
An Autumn Festival was held in London, at a local library. Activities
included yoga and meditation, art for children, music, face painting
for children and distribution of pracar material of Ananda Marga.
Nagar Kiirtan in London, including leafletting about Ananda Marga
In London there are regular meditation and yoga classes 5 days a week
at the jagrti, plus in libraries and universities.
On 30 October, sister Karuna in Leading gave birth to her second son,
named Theo Alexander. The next day, sister Damayanti gave birth to her
first son, named Zara, also in the same city.

Dada Ravishekharananda, DS Liverpool
Weekly Dharma Pracar Tour throughout Liverpool Diocese covering
Cardiff Dit (Aberystwyth, Llanidloes, Newtown, Welshpool), Liverpool
Dit (Liverpool) and Leeds Dit (Manchester).
11 weekly pracar programmes
Maintaining Diocese Office in rented building in Manchester.
Regular unit meetings (Liverpool, Manchester)
Weekly DC, Liverpool, Manchester
New people’s weekend retreat 19-21 November (17 new people attended
plus 5 margii organisers, held in Wales).
Sadhana Shivir (Manchester)
Regional Mahaprayan held at margii house in Newcastle Dit, 5-7 Nov.

Moscow Region
Dada Priyatosh
1. During summer time we had nice ‘be-together’ programs with margiis
in various units or Russia. We had outings in Moscow and Belgorod and
during that time all of us enjoyed company of each other and beauty of
Russian nature, even not that far from the city.
2. I have been visiting new country – Ukraine and cities Kharkov, Kiev
and Odessa.
3. During August and September together with Didi A.Tattvaveda we had
big pracar tour in Russia. We visited St.Petersburg (2 days long
program + Sadhana Shiviir), Moscow (5 days of public lectures),
Belgorod (3 days + Akhanda Kiirtan), Orel (2 days).
4. I visited new city Voronezh and gave two public lectures there.
6. Mahaprayan observance held in Helsinki.
7. Moscow unit has been renovated and new Unit committee selected.
8. As winter has come to Russia – I helped putting a new window in
Didi’s office in St.Petersburg. It becomes much warmer!

Roma Region
Ac Devavratananda Avt and margii brother Satyawan Italy:-
After our travel in Haiti, the AMURT Italy volunteers have done
appreciating work by giving help to Haiti poor people and children.
Therefore we have done here in Italy some activities to support yours
schools. We organized pizza party, dialect comedy, yoga classes and
published the book with DVD “Fragment Haiti”, sold more than 4.000
copies in Italy and abroad. Till now we have collected 13.000 Euro
that we are sending to AMURT Haiti bank account today. You should use
half money for Delmas Dada School and half for Bourdon Didi School.
Like in the past you should send to AMURT Italy the receipt and the
report about the utilization of the money with some pictures. Besides
the 13 000 for Haiti AMURT Italy also sent Euro500 to Romania for the
Domnesti project.

Dada Shubhatmananda
1) I have had four conferences in Roma region: at Follonica 1, Roma 2, Bologna
2) Three week-end programs: one yoga and music day-long, one new
people and one MP program at Ananda Vipasa, Verona.
3)After MP program in Ananda Vipasa margiis of Bologna unit decided to
do Sadhana Shivir on every Friday from 0500 to 0800 on regular basis
and then go to work. So far it has been happening without any
Apart from this some margiis who live nearby Bologna jagrti come to
attend Paincajanya every morning since the time of Sadhana shivira in
the unit. Inspired by these spiritual collective programs, margiis
with the cooperation of new people who attend classes in the jagrti
have initiated mass feeding to homeless people in Bologna near Rly
station on Sundays.
4) Three Tattva sabha: Roma, Bologna and Verona; As a result of these
talks: Three initiations. Also four (4) follow ups
5) One Akhanda Kiirtan in Paderborn in Germany and a talk. Contacted
Professor of Philosophy in the Univ of Paderborn–a lecture set for
April next year.

Stockholm Region
Dada Devajinana–
Meditation classes on Monday through thursday (2 by me, 3 by others).
New persons retreat in TC with 14 new people which lead to 3
initiations. Two fund raising dinners to raise money for Burkino Faso
and Children’s home in India.

Amsterdam Region
Ac Gatimayananda Avt
Since 2005, we were in the process of getting registered AMPS in The
Netherlands. By BABA’s grace we have been blessed atlast to get AMPS,
The Netherlands registered with help of known and unknown hands who
worked hard for this success.
As per the Regional meeting at Madhukaruna, there was agenda point to
host Autumn retreat and it was successfully complied on 20, 21 of
November were 20 margiis new and old attended at Hoorn Jagrti. Margiis
were very much inspired under the participation of Didi Ananda
Tattvaveda during this retreat.

October to December 2010
Avt Ananda Tattvaveda Ac. (HPMGL Sectorial)
-Didi Ananda Tattvaveda co-ordinated the Autumn festival, held in
Stanfordhill Library in London. Included in the program was
homeopathic first aid, asanas demonstrations and Nagar Kiirtan.
-Didi also helped to organized a successful Autmun Retreat in
Amsterdam region, a new people’s program in London, and a program for
sisters in Manchester.
Avt. Ananda Harimaya Ac. (RSL Paris)
-Didi Ananda Harimaya has been working with Spanish publications, and
many booked have been printed, including: 400 copies of ‘Thoughts of
PR Sarkar’; 200 copies of ‘Caryacarya 3’; 150 copies of ‘Caryacarya
1,2 &3′. ‘Ananda Marga Elementary Philosophy’ is due to be published
in February.
-Didi has given 5 radio interviews in Valencia.
Avt. Ananda Jyotishrii Ac.
-Didi Ananda Jyotishrii participated in a week of social service
activities for the Roma (Gypsy) people. They are some of the most
impoverished people in Europe. She has also made contact with a
cultural centre for Roma people in Budapest.
-On the 4th October, an Alumni factory in Hungary burst, flooding
three towns with poisonous chemicals. 10 people died, hundreds were
made homeless and there is a lot environmental damage. After the
disaster, Didi Ananda Jyotishrii helped to organize volunteers to
clean areas where machines could not access.
Avt. Ananda Dayashiila Ac. (DSL Stockholm)
-Didi Ananda Dayashiila helped organize a fundraising program for
AMURT project in Burkina Faso. 1100 Euros was raised.
-On December 4th, a fundraising was also held for Bangalore children’s home.
-A successful program for new people was held, attended by 14 people.
Brcii Annapurna Ac. (RSL Stockholm)
-Didi Annapurna submitted an article to a Finnish Yoga magazine. She
has given donation of 50 Prout booklets, and was speaker in an
‘International Business Panel’ where she gave a short introduction
about Prout. She gave a speech in a Peace Conference for 70 people.
-Didi has collected 1250 euros for AMURTEL and children’s homes in India.
-A seminar for new people was held in the new AMPS Unit in Pukinmäki.
Didi has been covering many new places, including the towns of Vaasa,
Loviisa, Järvenpää, Porvoo, Dragfjards, within Helsinki diocese.
Avt. Ananda Praveda( SWWS)
– Has given 3 lectures in Salorno, Orvieto and Florenze in Itlay. 12
sisters learn meditation
Brcii Tejasvinii Ac (DSL Frankfurt and Office-in-Charge)
-Two successful pracar programs were held in the cities of Berlin and
Braunschweig. It was the first time in Berlin to hold a program with
students from the Berlin University.
Didi Ananda Cetana (RS (L) Moscow)
17 people for St. Peters burg blessing. City sponsoring ecological
garbage clean-up (a real break from the total lack of ecological
consciousness) 4 new yoga students, 4 VIP contacts 1. International
Woman’s Club Orphanages in charge 2. Rotarian Rep. 3. Only American
Montessori Directness in the city 4. Ecologist on scholarship
Didi Ananda Prama–Rector (L) Ireland
I initiated 1 girl from Canada. Did a cholera clinic in Source Chad
with the Dr and 2 nurses and saw and treated 35 with cholera and an
additional 115 general medical treatment. We now have 7 under 4 year
old. One girl is new she lost her mother in the earthquake. We have
distributed to 3 camps tarps because hurricane Thomas brought wind and
rain and some lost their shelters. We will distribute the rest of the
200 tarps tomorrow. We’ve trained 6 to do cholera education with
theater. Have treated over 1,000 cases of cholera out in the
countryside but now it is coming to Port Au Prince. Education is of
the utmost importance as they have never had cholera here it came
somewhere from Asia and people don t know what to do. It is easy to
get but also to treat. We initiated a micro finance project and today
gave 20 women 1,200 Haitian dollars about $80 each to start businesses
after giving them training and hope if this works we can get funding
from a larger micro financing project.

Nairobi Sector
1. On 27th Nov. there was a graduation ceremony for Pre-Unit student
at Githurai Kimbo. A big procession has been organized to encourage
the graduates. Cultural program has been also organized on this
valuable day. More than 300 parents, children and guardians
participated in this event. Everyone appreciated this very special
2. Ananda Marga Academy has produced calendar for the year 2011.
Students, Parents, and Guardian were very happy about it. Everyone
appreciated it. We hope a good no. of admission in the coming year
1. A’c Jayamaungalananda Avt. DS Mombasa is giving classes to the
310 African Union Army, who will pay the salary for all the staffs for
the year 2011.
2. Renovation of the primary classrooms is on progress. Before
starting the school everything will be completed.
3. 35 boys have been selected from the class of Dada Jayamaungalananda
jii for Kenya Army, Kenya Navy and Kenya police. The guardian of all
these boys visited our dada jii and they appreciated the training and
guidance of Jayamaungalananda jii. DS Mombasa.
4. He is also giving the classes to the Chinese and Japanese people,
who will provide food stuff: Rice, Beans, Ugali, Mafuta to 1500
people for feeding program every month.
1. Clinic building has been constructed at Lugazi, Uganda to replace
the old building. The size of the each room is 20’X12’ and total area
of construction is 48’X20’. All the construction work has been
completed. Plaster and painting work will be completed very soon.
2. Cultural program has been organized at our school. Children
presented songs and drama. More than 300 parents, students and
guardian were present on this very specious day. Everyone appreciated
about it.
3. Sadavrata has been organized at Ananda Marga School for 100
families . A packet of sugar and flour has been distributed to
1. Mother Child Health unit has been started at Dar-es-salaam,
Tanzania. which will assit the HIV/AIDS effected/infected mother. It
will also assist our Abha Seva Sadan.
2. District Public Health Officer will provide microscope to our Health Center.
1. Three health centers have been started in Ebonyi State of Nigeria.
a) Ephenium Health Center
b) Omege Health Center
c) Offia Oji Health Center
AMURT ‘s task in the next month is to establish the three health
centers. It will also include strengthening the hospital based
management committees, increasing the capacity of the staffs to
improve antenatal care, delivering care and basic obstinacy emergency
services in the health centers.
1. Two new classrooms have been constructed to expand the Togo school.
Total no. of students has reached up to 310. New football field
sponsored by AMURT Italy is now ready.
2. MU: At present in MU a bore hole has been done, the elevated water
tank is up and the pipes have been installed. The garden is all
organic. There is plenty of water available and three gardeners are
working. We are already selling crops. The future of the garden is
bright. Gardening is now part of the school program and children enjoy
learning about it in such a practical way. We are growing Cabbages,
Chilies, tomatoes, egg plants, lemon grass etc.
1. Mafi Zongo Water Project has been connected to the national
electricity grid. Now our project is running on electricity rather
than diesel generator which will greatly improve the financial
condition of the project.
2. AMURT constructed a new staff quarter for water project from the
grant of European Union. It effectively doubles the accommodation
space available for staff. Mafi Zongo water clinic also bought a
Toyota Minivan with the help of Rechard.
3. Health Education program in all the secondary school of water
project area has been conducted.
4. Christopher from seva clinic and volunteer Elana from Canada did
Hiv/Aids awareness programs in more than thirty communities.
5. Free blood pressure testing program.
6. Fun program in many villages have been organized. Focus was on
malaria, hygiene and sanitation. All the program were organized and
co-presented by Seva clinic staffs and Kekeli woman.
7. TBAs (Traditional Birth Attendants) are visiting the villages with
volunteers and seva clinic staffs.
8. The no. of monthly patients in Homeopathic clinic is now stable at 70+
9. Antenatal check-up program: During Antenatal check-up program the
woman get iron supplements, intermittent preventive treatment for
malaria preventives and all other required care and advices from a
1. TBA’s Program: 20 villages where our TBA(Traditional Birth
Attendants) works presently. Totally we covered 33 villages.
2. Relief work in Bangeldaye: AMURT has distributed 1 ton of millet in
flood effected area of Bangeldaye. Off course all this was yet two
little but it helped the villagers to face the difficulties.
3. Water Shed Management: The program we initiated was about finding
ways to collect surface water(rain water) and keeping the rain water
from running off without penetrating the soil by means of small check
dams, harvesting water from rain. Creating barriers to gather the
water around trees.
1. The development into organic The development into organic farming
is proceeding smoothly as the farmers have clearly understood the
benefit of it. The manure is difficult and expensive to get. We have a
donkey and a few goats and are working to acquire some cows first in
order to produce our own manure.
2. We have started a bee keeping project with 7 bee-hives and hope to
introduce bee keeping in the community.
3. In January 2011 we hope to start a Maringa project with brother
Dinakar from US. Maringa is a wonderful tree. The leaves once dried
and powered down are a great food supplement. Other parts of the trees
have great medicinal values and the seeds produce very precious oil.
We want that this project should be sustainable economically by
exporting some of the products while at the same time making the
products available locally and training the population to plant their
own Maringa garden. The aim of this project is to generate different
activities of producing and processing a product by involving the
folks of Bissiri and establish a co-operative of farmers in our area.

Regional news letter Rasa Vanii is regularly published by Dada
Karunamaya for Taipei region, which very colorful and all the news
from Taiwan .
In Taiwan many pracar and service programs are going on regularly with
the help from all margii and Wts working in Taiwan. Universtity pracar
is going on in Taipei and Tainan. Lectures were given in hospitals in
Taoyuan and Hualien. All other cities have more then 70 classes a
week for new people too. Vegetarian parties were held in Taipei and
Kaohsiung with 80 and 300 people attending respectively for fund
raising by .
Service is rendered at 4 old-people’s homes, 3 institutions for the
mentally challenged, detention centre’s and a leprosy centre. On the
occasion of Mahaprayan 250 lunchboxes were distributed to the homeless
at a government office in Taipei. Appreciation letters have been
received from all institutions.
In July 72 hours AK was attended by 100 people, followed by
Ideological training with 11 participants and sadhana camp with 50
attendees. LFT training took placewith 3 brothers, one of whom is soon
going to WT training.
In September Prabhat Samgiita Divas was celebrated in Taipei with 9
hours of Prabhat Samgiita, attended by 60 margiis. Sister LFT Tusita’
and Lokatiita work for hard for this program.
The Ananda Suruci MU hosts increasingly popular fasting camps,
introducing people to healthy lifestyle and Ananda Marga. The Ananda
Suruci MU also hosted the Sectorial conference with 200+ margiis
attending as well as the student camp organized by a team of young
teen age margiis during which 46 students were initiated. The MU farm
has been developed with 400 fruit trees and construction of the
infrastructure with the help from Dada Yogananda , Tattvika
Priyadarshii , Madhavii and LFT Pavitra.
The WWD MU Ananda Matrika has been developed considerable over the
last 6 months and increasingly local people are getting involved and
active. Highlight is the recently held outdoor RAWA concert with 200
people attending , Sister Rainja ‘is great help for all the
The WWD Taipei pre-school has now 14 students, and more on the waiting
list. For the first time in many years the school is filled to
A large RAWA concert was held in Taipei with 350 people attending. The
program consisted of music, instrumental performance and dance from
mainly indigenous, Chinese and Indian cultures. New RAWA team is doing
several activities for training the margii for RAWA.
In Taipei Diocese one Revolutionary Marriage, 2 house-entry and 2 baby
naming ceremonies were celebrated by Didi Ananda Rashmika’.
6 new Baba books has been translated in chinese , Brother Sainjaya
has been working very hard for publication with support from brother
Shyam Sundar.

New land (1 acre) was purchased for the Ananda Annapurna MU in
Arseniev, Far East Russiaarea, adjacent to the existing land by the
help from SS Dada and RS Dada Dhiirendra.
AMURT/AMURTEL work is going on in different cities around Russiawith
food distribution and other service. Registration papers have been
filed in the various cities. AMURT service to fire victims was covered
on TV news.
There is a lot of pracar going on in Russia with many 100s of
lectures, seminars, retreats, etc. As a result 3 new units were
started. Dada Sudhakar , Didi Ssarvajia and Didi Kusum are doing
very good pracar work and visiting regularly all the cities.
In the summer 7 days semiar LFT training for sisters and brothers
took place. Now 5 LFT sisters are posted and working in different
places in around the region. Similarly 7 brothers completed their LFT
training and are currently awaiting their LFT examination. Two
brothers and 1 sister are waiting to go to WT training.
During the summer conferences 4 Revolutionary marriages were conducted.

A new jagrti has been rented at a convenient location in the rural
Nagano area by Dada Ganadevananda . It is large enough to accommodate
our AM retreats twice a year. The same will be used for new people’s
The funds came partly from the virtual communities, which keeps
growing in membership. Currently there are 4 such communities on
spirituality, fair society, selfless service and disaster relief with
a total of 2600 members.
A non-profit organization registration has been filed with the
government. This will provide the legal framework for social service
and pracar work both.
A regional retreat in Nara was attended by 18 margiis. Monthly seminar
is taking place in Tokyo , Oshaka , Fukuoka by Dada Vijitatmananda .

Pracar is going on around the region. Regular seminars are held at the
Ananda Karnika MU, which is being developed for the purpose
continuously by Dada Bhavottarananda and Dada Yukteshananda. Fasting
camps are held regularly too for pracar and fundraising purposes.
University pracar in Seoul is successfully introducing young people to
meditation and Ananda Marga. RAWA has done two big events in public
places. Ideological Margiis training program also doing regularly by
Dada Cittarainjananda.
AMURT work is going on with the regular medical clinic, food
distribution with the help from Dada Shubhadhyananda , etc.
The Lotus Childrens project was covered in a full colour magazine
article. The home currently has 102 children and new projects for
special needs children has been initiated. The project has been
shifted to new premises for the home and schools as well as the
service activities by Didi Ananda Kalika’.

Central Asia
Pracar is going on in different cities by Dada Sudhakar , LFTs and
Didi Sarvajina.

GT Sector Good News
Dada Jinanendra Brc RS Sao Paulo reports :
A first regional retreat was conducted in Ponta Grossa. It was
attended by 27 people. Present were Didi Ananda Sushila, Dada
Jinanendra and Dada Japeshvarananda. This was the first retreat
organized within our structure in this area. Very succesfulThe
programm was very succesful and Margiis of Ponta Grossa – Curitiba –
Pontal region were very inspired and became more unitedmore and more
Dada gave one lecture on the History of Tantra in Ponta Grossa. 24
people attended
Dada also continues his service activities in the Morretes Drug
rehabilitation resort (Vale do sol) with good results. There is a
continues influx of youth having drug related problems coming to the
center in search of help.
A general interest in Yoga and meditation amongst the people in this
area is growing and Dada has given a good number of initiations.
Service activities in the Paranagua old peoples home continue on a
monthly basis. We are about to have a new place available for D.C,
Yoga classes. and programms in Paranagua.
Circle of love has been implemented in a public kindergarden in
Pontal do Sul on daily basis, where we teach simple Yoga exercises,
Baba nam kevalam and meditation. About 40 small children (3-5 years)
Construction of our Yoga centre is about to start.
We organized a Prout lecture for Dada Japeshvarananda in Pontal do
Sul. 10 people attended.
Weekly D.C., Yoga classes and study of Ananda Sutram and Prabhat
Samgiita is going on.
Dada attended various D.C. in three different places around Curitiba
in an effort to unit the Margiis.
Dada also attended two vegeterian dinners in Sao Paulo jagrti, that
were attended by 65 people and 70 people. The highlight of the program
was a fantastic cultural program with india classical dance and a
vibrating Avartha Kiirtan.
During a seminar in Pontal do Sul he gave a Lecture on Shiva’s seven
secrets and Akhanda Kiirtan, and a workshop on music and rhythm. 26
people of coastal region around Paranagua and Curitiba came to the
I gave a class on Yoga in Matinhos. 20 Mostly new people attended.
A Collective meditation was conducted at the very popular spiritist
San Francis institute in Ponta Grossa and I had the chance to talk
with the president. I also gave a Class on Kiirtan and meditation in
Paranagua. 8 new people attended.

Ac. Cittabodhanada Avt reports:
At the Ananda Dakshina MU we are cultivating organic vegetables on
half a hectar of land.

Ac Siddheshvarananda Avt reports:
In Sao Joao del Rei 9 person successfully compaleted the yoga course
training. In Barbacena I gave a lecture in city hall of Barabacena
where 32 person participated.
I gave 3 lecture in different yoga center in Rio de Janeiro and one
lecture in SENAI (institute of national service of industry) of Rio
de Janeiro.
Weekly collective meditation has been started in Casmiro de Abrel and
Sao Pedro de Aldeia , Rio de Janeiro. Margiis from Regiao das lagos
organized a three days seminar, in which 51 persons participated
including 6 Acaryas.
The margiis of Araruama are working hard to get the much needed funds
to get the construction of the jagrti started. They prepare and sell
daily Vegetarian foods to the local community.
I visited a new district in Volta Redonda where I was invited to
give a lecture in the Lions club 19 people where present. I also
visited several retiring and old peoples homes, where I gave table
talks and they invited me to come back next month.
Dada Agryabuddhananda reports:
We celebrated the 20th anniversary of our neohumanistic school at the
Master Unit Ananda Kiirtana, in which the mayor of the local community
came to participate. More then 100 people were present.
On another occasion we had a program for the youth, that was called
“Arts and game”. The program took place at our MU. Hundreds of young
people participated and enjoyed the program.
Dada Jitendriya reports:
HPMG Gosthi in Araruama led by Brother Giridhara is close to final
production of a new CD entitled “Ensayo dos Passaros” – “Rehearsal of
the Birds”. The production of the CD has been the culmination of
work since April this year and involved several local artists. The CD
will be officilally launched early next year and preparations are
already on the way for a pracar program for the SDM department to
coincide with the release and promotion of the music. .

Ac Prandiiptananda Avt gave 3 lecture on Yoga , meditation and health
in Brasilia, He distributed Food and toys during childrens day – 200
needy children were benefitted.
Celandia jagrti has been renovated with the hard input of local
margiis and Dada Hariprananda. DC, Yoga class and other activities
have started.

PWSA GT Didi Ananda Sushiila reports:
I gave 10 days training in Brasilia Didi´s MU with 9 sisters
participated from July 29-Aug 8. A 5 weeks meditation course was held
in one holistic center with 14 students. A vegetarian dinner was
organized in one margii´´s restaurant with more than 50 persons on Sep
18, $500US were raised.
I organized a retreat in poa with 15 participants on Sep 25 and 26.
One sister got inspired to become LFT during Mahaprayan at Ananda
I was touring Argentina, giving five lectures, that were attended by
total of 100 persons, out of which 17 sisters were initiated.
For thefirst time in 30 years, we had one AM marriage in Uruguay
attended by 60 persons. Dada kalyanbhratananda and myself were
conducting the ceremony.

Ac Ramashrayananda Avt.
– 1.After the july retreat in Paraguaya I came back to Argentina and
went to Guemes and Oran. I gave several lectures there.
2.Afterwards I conducted a national level meeting with margis from
different units of Argentina at the Master Unit in Cordoba. Subject of
the meeting was how to solve legal debt of M.U.Cordoba and to form a
national level Advisery Committee Board (ACB).It was a very
interesting and effective meeting with the margis Ac.Tattvabodhananda
ji and myself.
3.After this I gave several conferences in that unit. Some
initiation where given.
4.Then in the first week of September I went to Mar del Plata for the
first time.There I gave lectures in 3 different institutions and
many table talks. Hundreds of people attended and some got initiated.
5.From M.del plata I went directly to General Roca , Province Rio
Negro to give a Yoga course. There I had some interview too with
television people,one of the famous Canal 10.There was also lecture
and initiated some new peoples.
6. After that I went to Rosario, one of the famous cities of the Santa
Fe province. There I gave three lectures in different places; Rosario,
San Pedro and Peyrano. I also dictated a massive meditation which was
organized by our local margis and people from different spiritual
organizations promoting world peace. More then 150 people attended,
some of whom I gave initiation.
7. After that I came back BsAs where there was another lecture
organized by local margis in our Jagrti. Almost 40 peoples attended
that lecture and I gave some initiation.
Finally I return to MU Cordoba where we had a Regional retreat and
IRSS. More then 75 margis and new people attended the retreat. Three
Acaryas also were presented (Acarya Ramashrayananda Avt.SES Gts,
Ac.Tattvabodhananda Avt.EI1 and acting Rector of MU Cordoba and
Avt.Ananda Tapashuddha Ac.SGV Gts.). More then 30 new people took
initiation. Also many margis revised their lessons.
-Dada Tattavabodhananda , gave the lecture in institute “Centro
Intregral de Terapia y Desarrollo Personal” in Cordoba regarding the
benefits of “Yoga and Meditation”. There were 9 persons in the class
and every body was happy.
Renovation of the big kitchen and the dinning hall is complete and was
inaugurated in this spring retreatof 8 to 11 October.
I held two Tattva sabha’s in the Jagrti at the MU. In the first
Tattva sabha 12 people attended and in the second 8 people attened and
I gave 5 table talks. One baby naming ceremony was done. A very good
atmosphere was created during the ceromamy.
1) During these months we did white washing of Sajonia jagriti and baba`s house.
2) spring retreat was organised at the end of sept.25-26, in Ananada
Kuvalya MU, where 10 margiis participted.
3) on childrens day on 15th August we distributed toys and gave
merienda to the children of sajonia school children.
4) Dada Ratnaananda gave one class to new people on secrets of long life.
5) MU news- 7 cows are giving milk in MU and we are selling cheese to
the public , also we produce vegetable for sale, last month we
harvested 15 lits of honey .
6) In MU we have 10 dubble beds for retreat purpose.
7) On 9th of Oct. Ananda Marga Paragauy participate in a yoga
Festival for world peace where we gave asana class and didi Sutanuka
gave a class on yama -niyama.

Manila Sector

Ác. Viitaragananda Avt. – Kuala Lumpur
* Three Motivation Camp for youth on Saturday and Sunday – attended by
65 and 75 students aged 9 years. The effect was very beneficial, in
fact before the motivation camp the examination passing rate was more
or less 35% and after the Motivation Camps the Examination Passing
Rate is more or less 75%.
* Prabhat Samgiita Diwasa attended by 75 margiis.

Ác. Anudhyananda Avt. – North Malaysia
* Relief Operation in Alor Setar. 22 poor Family were benefited.
* Free English tuition to 40 students in Alor Setar.
* Since the last three years regular Relief work is ongoing. Every
week on Friday Morning in front of the Jágrti we distribute vegetable
to 25-30 families.
* Penang AM Unit support every month, 5 families with food items like rice etc.
* In SP Intensive DDC program, Dada Anudhyanananda together with a
margiis brother, his name is Dana Balan go to different house and
distributes leaflets.
* On November 17, 2010 Class on Caryacarya Part 1, attended by 25 margiis.

Ác. Laliteshánanda Avt. – Myanmar
* The Relief Operation in Myanmar was successfully concluded, 670
houses in 8 village constructed and handed over to the villagers the
quality of the house are made on Bambu and concrete each house cost is
700 US$.
* 6 schools, made by concrete with strong foundation and strong
structure and one secondary school, were constructed. The Last school
was finished in October.
* 8 Kindergarten for children 3-5 years old was built also. At
present they host a total of 410 Children.
* Food distribution was given from June to December 2009 to
* 4000 big Toys were also distributed to small children, in several
villages in the Delta Ayeyarwady.
* 8 tons of food supplements for children and pregnant woman were
also distributed, in several villages in the Delta Ayeyarwady.
* Within two and an half year of Relief Operation 1,200,000 Euro were
utilized for the total projects in Myanmar.

Ac. Shankarsanannda Avt.- RS Singapore
* Our yoga centre has been featured in Lonely Planet Travel Guide
(both in the printed and the online version). In the whole of Asia the
Yoga Center occupies the 94th position.
* After 10 months of hard work, our Singapore Yoga Academy has finally
been approval by the Ministry of Education! We are the first yoga
school in Singapore to achieve this status. The school has now got its
own website: AM Yoga Academy. This year which was the third year a
Diploma was given to 14 students who graduated.
Great thanks to everyone that has been involved in the process 🙂
* A DVD Documentary on AM was made and 800 copies has been distributed

Ác. Prashanta Brc. – Thailand
* Planted 10000 seedlings Rubber for commercial purpose.
* On November 8 as result of fighting in Myanmar between the Burmese
soldiers and the Karen Soldiers ten thousand people flee Myanmar and
took refuge in Thailand.
From November 9 afternoon many NGO were able to start volunteer work
and assist the refugees. Dada Prashanta visited 3 villages Wat Thao
Ta, Gubaw, Palan Japan, the relief was given to 1500 people.
* Eye camp in the Village of Bon Tei offered care and assistance to
200 hundred people.
* A new house was built in the children’s home and will be utilized
for the children.
* A news paper article was published in UK. Copy of the article is attached.
* Class on Biopsychology was attended by 26 people.

Ac. Parivratananda Avt. – Assistant Rector Chiang Mai
* Sanitation Project: Neo Humanist Foundation in Chiang Mai, in the
North of Thailand provided construction materials to build toilets for
poor tribal people who live in the mountain; together with the toilets
we also implement water system for the villages. This time 53 units
have been provided with water connection. We get water supply directly
from the river or water fall and direct to the toilet that we build.
Dada Parivratananda personally follow up and supervise the
construction of the toilets
* Rice was grown in the master unit, and was harvested about 20 tons.
* Two boxes of toys were sent to Philippines for poor children, the
toys were distributed to children in poor schools.

Ác. Devpriyananda Avt. – Maharlika
* Youth Camp in Montalban attended by 124 youths, on October 29 to
November 1, 2010. Brother Jyotirmaya guided the games and the
activities, Dada Ashisananda helped in the the program.
* Two rooms guest house was recently built in Montalban.
* Sunrise Festival was conducted in Laogag in Ilocos Norte, Maharlika
from 24 to 28 November.
* Thousand and thousand people attended various activities for the
event, there was art workshop attended by 2000 children from 22
* Every day the Sunrise was forecast in TV. Live Broad cast also was
showed in TV.

Ác. Gayatrananda Avt. – Maharlika
* LTS Camp in MU attended by 23 college students from 17 to 20 May.
* Zambuanga, New Unit Formed.
* Pracar program in Makati, Manila to about 20 elderly people.
– Indonesia
* Medan, teach Asanas to 35 office staff, in October.

Ác. Priyadevananda Avt. – Manila, Maharlika
* Relief work, distributed to 410. Manila.

Ác. Dharmavedananda Avt. – Cebu, Maharlika
* Two newspaper articles have been published in two different
magazines. The first was published in on in the ASIA SPA Magazine;
copy of the article is attached.

Ác. Keshava Brc. – Hanoi, Vietnam
* Initiated 53 brothers in Hanoi.
* Relief operation in 3 Villages. Dada Keshava distributed Rice,
clothes Noodle etc.

Ac Divyasundarananda Avt. – Saigon, Vietnam
* Relief and Alms distribution in June to 50 people. It was
distributed Rice, Oil, and Noodles. Dada also attended medical camp.
* In July distributed to 50 person’s Rice, Noodle, etc
* In July 300 people attended the Veg. Buffet in Saigon
* 24,000,000 Vand raised
* In September school bag’s were distributed to poor children. * At a
Pagoda in Saigon Vegetarian food was distributed to100 people.
* In October distributed food and one towel each to 200 patient’s in
one Hospital.
* In November at Kuchi fresh food was distributed to 400 people.
* Seminar at Dalas was attended by 55 participants; at Mitho the
seminar was attended by 35 participants; and at Saigon the seminar was
attended by 40 margiis.
* In September a Fasting camp was attended by 45 people in the town Tong Nai

Ac Manavendrananda Avt. – Kuching, East Malaysia
* Dada Manavendrananda is giving Yoga class to 107 students out of 120
people whom signed up.

Ác. Jyotirmayananda Avt. – Kota Tinggi Malaysia
* Yoga Class is regularly attended by 20 people.
* Retreat was attended by 21 people.
* 4 sacks of Rice were harvested in the MU in Kota Tinggi
House entering ceremony

Ac Shivaprasad Brc. – RS Jakarta at Yogyakarta Indonesia
* In Saigon one class for Prout to Margiis was attended by 22 persons.

Yogyakata Indonesia
* Relief goods were distributed to victims affected by the volcano.
Distributed Oil, Rice, Noodles, Cloths, Slippers, Underwear’s, sock’s,
Milk etc. in different refugee camps.

Ac Madhuksharananda Avt. – Johor Bahru, Malaysia
* Recently bought a new Grass Cutting machine,
* One Hindu temple invited to give Tattva Sabha and after the class
was over they offer the place for Dada to give Yoga Class.

Ac Liilananda Avt. – Jakarta Indonesia
* Prout seminar in Singapore and a Public talk in Jakarta.
* Printed a Book Diet about Vegetarian
* Social service in Teluk Naga Microfinance project
* Helping in the school, build a school and giving educate the local
people to how to develop the finance condition and planted the tree
* Relief fund collection USD 500

Ác. Mitrabuddhyananda Avt. – Indonesia
* Two Detox Camp were attended by 65 people. And three Public Seminars
were attended by 120 people.
* A Homoeopathy Diploma Course was organized in Bali
* In Karangasan was organized a Cultural program attended by 350 people.

Ác. Premamayananda Avt. – Manila, Maharlika
* Vegetarian Dinner in the Sectorial Office attended by 200 people
* Yoga Teacher Training was attended by 22 Yoga Teachers.
* A Radio Program explain Yama and Niyama is regularly ongoing every
Sunday and conducted by Brother Ramchander, a Senior Margii brother
from Manila.

Ác. Mantrajapananada Avt. – Davao, Maharlika
* Baba’s foundation heads Davao region’s procurement transparency core group.
BFI was recently chosen the head the Davao Region Procurement
Transparency Core Group (DPTCG), a network of non-government
organizations with Social Advocacy Program, having a particular focus
in advocating for transparency in government procurement processes.
The DPTCG was organized in the year 2008, as an offshoot of a
multi-stakeholders conference attended by NGOs and heads of Government
Agencies, to discuss how to make government procurement of goods and
services transparent and fair. DPTCG will field Observers to any
procurement processes of all government agencies, who will observe and
report any untoward or anomalous practices in the bidding processes.
* Last Sept. 1-2, 2010, BFI Exec. Director Sis.Tara and Admin & Human
Resource Officer Emely Comaling were invited to attend the National
Forum of the Philippine Procurement Network (P2N), a gathering of some
87 NGOs who are all committed to a good Philippine governance. The
P2N National Forum was conducted in Cebu City, and arranged by the P2N
The Davao Procurement Transparency Core Group (DPTCG) is comprised of
18 member-NGOs, who are all committed to a fair, transparent and
better Philippine government, who are operating within the 3 provinces
of Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, and Davao oriental, and the 4
cities of Davao City, Digos City, Panabo City and the Island Garden
City of Samal.

Good News from Malta

On 5th-7th November we had an intensive Sadhana Retreat for the
Maltese Margiis, and Diipavali was celebrated on the first day.
New people Collective meditation group is continuing every week and 8
people already were initiated (from them 5 brothers).

Conscious Movie Night is still taking place every Saturday and before
the movie screening starts collective meditation and kiirtan is taking
place. New people are always joining in.

Regular yoga and meditation courses are taking place.

PCAP Malta has started work and in coalition with other animal rights
NGO’s in Malta we have organized a protest against using animals in
circus. The protest was held in front of the circus which was taking
place in Valetta; the Capital of Malta, and more than 400 person
participated. That was the launch of PCAP Malta. Margiis were
mobilized and inspired to be part of that.

Part of PCAP movement Dada Shantimaya has published a new vegetarian
cooking book with over than 180 sattvic recipes called ‘’Kitchen of
Love’’ which is intended to promote love for animals and vegetarian

The book was launched during one vegetarian dinner and Dada Shantimaya
signed many copies.

Dada was also invited to one program about healthy living and eating
organized by another NGO, and he was introduced as esteem guest and
was asked to present and sign the new book.

The jagrti has been renovated with the help and volunteering of the
local margiis, and on Sunday 19th Dec ember we had house warming
ceremony for the newly renovated place, followed by feast with 38
persons attended. After that we had Narayan Seva for the homeless.

Number of initiates by Dada Shantimaya is 5.

PCAP Malta has started working, and in coalition with other animal
rights NGO’s in Malta PCAP has organized a protest against using
animals in circus. The protest was held in front of the circus which
was taking place in Valetta; the Capital of Malta, and more than 400
person participated. That was the launch of PCAP Malta. Margiis were
mobilized and inspired to be part of that.
The jagrti has been renovated with the help and volunteering of local
margiis, and on Sunday 19th December house warming ceremony was
conducted for the newly renovated place, followed by feast with 38
persons attended. After that there was Narayan Seva for the homeless.

In Him
A’carya Nigamananda Avadhu’ta
Public Relations Secretary (Central)
A’nanda Ma’rga Praca’raka Sam’gha
Camp- Ranchi 834005